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Customers call IVRs when they need answers the most, when all other channels have failed. Yet at the peak of their frustration, they’re being greeted by outdated touchtone phone systems, confusing menu options, and clumsy PIN and password authentication. It’s the exact opposite of a modern digital experience — and the negative effects on customer satisfaction and retention can be dramatic. Fortunately, there’s a far better way.  Download the "IVR in an Omni-channel World" guide to learn more about these IVR innovations.  

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Today, real-time speech analytics holds great benefits for a variety of use cases, such as:

• Enhancing customer retention

• Increasing sales

• Helping ensure regulatory compliance with government regulations, and more

Continue reading to learn how advancements can help organizations guide interactions in real time!

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By authenticating in real time your employees and customers can get access to their data, confirm a transaction quickly, and have a seamless personalized experience.  Learn how this technology can be used across a broad variety of use cases.  Continue reading to learn more!