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With twelve major providers offering fixed line and/ or mobile services, the telecommunications industry is highly competitive.   Telecoms face added competition in the form of over-the-top applications that cut into profits. And with consumers in this industry being highly informed, they demand and expect regular service improvements.  If unsatisfed, they are willing to switch network providers with little remorse.  To maintain profitability, telecommunications and broadcast network providers must offset substantial infrastructure costs by maximizing network utilization, delivering the highest value-to-service ratio, and retaining/acquiring customers to grow market share.  Continue reading to learn more!

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Recent advances in technology have resulted in speech analytics solutions that offer dramatically higher performance, accuracy and speed than their predecessors. This next generation of speech analytics can even identify opportunities to guide voice interactions in real time, opening the door to better, faster outcomes—not only in the contact center, but across the enterprise.

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Even in the digital era, customers still call your IVR. In fact, they depend on it now more than ever, calling to resolve complex situations they can’t resolve using your Web or mobile channels. But who answers the call? Is it an impressive, modern IVR capable of competing with other worldclass customer experiences? Or is it an outdated “Press 1 for Sales” phone tree from 1994? There’s never been a better or more crucial time to modernize your IVR. Your customers expect it. Your business deserves it. And if you wait any longer, your competitors may take advantage of it.  Download this informative paper to learn more on how American Airlines is delivering personalized IVR Self-Service with a modernized IVR.  

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KnuVerse, a division of KnuEdge, delivers accurate, secure and cost-effective voice recognition and authentication even in noisy, real-world environments. Our voice biometrics provide an easy to use, scalable, reliable, dynamic method of user authentication, that works the same on a laptop, or a smart phone, or a smart watch. We authenticate in real time so your employees and customers can get access to their data, confirm a transaction quickly, and have a seamless personalized experience.  

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