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The old-school or, as we like to think of it them “Classic” IVRs, may seem light years away from the talking cars and robot vacuums that people have come to expect, but extending an old IVR, with new capabilities, doesn’t require an expensive rewrite or increase in complexity. In the following pages we examine the case for migrating automated service IVRs using an interpreter. Interpreters, sometimes known as translators may be a good way of thinking of how they interact with IVRs. Interpreters emulate the hardware of another machine and perform instructions as if they were that machine.

There is a little-known history of very fast interpreters in the early days of computing. These interpreters were known for their
flexibility and the ability to write portable code. We draw on both for our systems.  For more information please download now and also make sure to catch Jack's Insights in the Winter issue of Speech Technology magazine.  

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IntelligentWire is the first voice technology solution that leverages the power of conversations to create hyperaccurate data that’s injected directly into your CRM or other back-office systems. IntelligentWire takes the guesswork out of detailed account notes or customer information forms and allows your agents to focus on their most crucial task: building human-to-human relationships with your customers.  Learn how to harness the power of conversations with IntelligentWire by downloading this paper now. 

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A key to encouraging the use of IVRs is to make them smarter. How? By incorporating enhanced Natural Language (NLU) technology and leveraging technologies such as machine learning, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). These technologies provide a more intuitive customer interface, allow more human-like interactions, promote selfservice, and enhance the experience when an agent transfer is required.  Download now to learn more.  

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By performing root cause analysis on each conversation, call center supervisors can quickly uncover trends that otherwise could take weeks or months to surface.  Download this paper to learn more!

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In some cases, improving your IVR system requires more than tuning or testing. Like any technology, IVR continues to evolve—and your system may be getting left behind. This sort of technology deficit can cause large issues internally and hurt your brand externally. A solution that hasn’t kept pace with your company growth or customer expectations can create extended hold times, lost calls, customer frustration, lost revenue and other issues. Here are some common problems that drive many companies to consider a legacy migration for their IVR solution.   Continue reading to learn more!