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Recent Convergys research shows that 40% of customers use multiple channels in their quest for resolution, and they expect instant, personalized “anytime, anywhere” service. You can leverage these three best practices to ensure that you are providing
the best customer experience possible— in your IVR and beyond.  Continue reading to learn more.

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If you are challenged with customer churn risk this informational brochure may be of interest to help.  Given the industry’s competitive landscape and the growing number of mobile subscribers, customer service departments for providers are expected to offer exceptional service. Telecoms are likely to quickly lose unsatisfied customers to a competitor.  Down load this paper now to learn how you can solve this issue.  

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In today’s travel market, customers expect to be able to book trips by phone or online; and they expect smooth, reliable, error-free contact center connections that are available around the clock. The call center experience is a vital part of the overall travel experience and poor service can cause a traveler to switch providers just as quickly as lost luggage or unnecessary delays. “We take a lot of pride in the quality of our automated customer service solutions,” says Rob Early, lead IVR engineer at Washington, D.C.-based Amtrak. He should be proud; Amtrak’s speech-enabled interactive voice response (IVR) systems seamlessly support two national contact centers (Riverside, Calif. and Philadelphia, Penn.) that together handle an average of 45,000 calls per day.  Continue reading to learn more!

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The Nuance Customer Engagement Platform balances the benefits of machine learning with human knowledge and skill – enabling
trained agents to engage and curate how the Nina Virtual Assistant responds when presented with unfamiliar requests. Nina actually learns from live chat agent scripts and can even be assisted by the live agent behind the scenes.  Download this paper now to learn more!

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Customers call IVRs when they need answers the most, when all other channels have failed. Yet at the peak of their frustration, they’re being greeted by outdated touchtone phone systems, confusing menu options, and clumsy PIN and password authentication. It’s the exact opposite of a modern digital experience — and the negative effects on customer satisfaction and retention can be dramatic. Fortunately, there’s a far better way. Even the oldest IVRs can be easily adapted to deliver experiences that aren’t just “good enough,” but ones that are intuitive, incredibly efficient and even share-worthy as your customers take to social media to brag about a great experience. Let’s take a look at exactly what your customers expect in a modern IVR experience — and which updates you should consider making this year to keep up with their expectations and the competition.