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A poorly performing IVR system can drive away customers; damage your brand and impact revenue.

This paper shows you: 

• Why small adjustments to your IVR can boost customer satisfaction.
• The steps required to improve performance.
• How an IVR tune up can deliver strong ROI.

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Speech analytics has become one of the most popular applications for helping organizations gain the insight they need to engage customers more effectively. But why do some organizations achieve fast ROI with substantial cost savings, better Net Promoter
Scores® and improved customer experience metrics, while others seem to struggle to achieve desired returns?  Following are a few best practices that can help your organization realize greater value from speech analytics.  Continue reading to learn more about these four steps!

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In today’s travel market, customers expect to be able to book trips by phone or online; and they expect smooth, reliable, error-free contact center connections that are available around the clock. The call center experience is a vital part of the overall travel experience and poor service can cause a traveler to switch providers just as quickly as lost luggage or unnecessary delays. “We take a lot of pride in the quality of our automated customer service solutions,” says Rob Early, lead IVR engineer at Washington, D.C.-based Amtrak. He should be proud; Amtrak’s speech-enabled interactive voice response (IVR) systems seamlessly support two national contact centers (Riverside, Calif. and Philadelphia, Penn.) that together handle an average of 45,000 calls per day.  Continue reading to learn more!