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The conversations between your customers and agents contain invaluable insights—if you have the right tools to easily interpret and act on this dialogue. Unfortunately, most organizations waste time manually mining only a subset of customer interaction data, or worse yet, do nothing with it at all. Speech analytics is an incredibly powerful tool for contact center leaders. It easily delivers real-time visibility into the full customer journey and agent responses, which are essential for driving higher customer satisfaction and business success. 

Download the "Harnessing the Power of Speech Analytics: 6 Ways Speech Analytics Improves Contact Center Efficiency and Performance" guide to learn how speech analytics can help you:

  • Improve key contact center metrics and operational efficiency
  • Reduce churn and drive customer loyalty
  • Better manage risk and compliance requirements

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Change is not only inevitable, it is necessary!  The IVR world is particularly sensitive to almost daily waves of change plus having to deal with a rapidly evolving telecommunications environment. It hasn’t been all that long since T1 circuits were current technology. Today we are seeing them being withdrawn by vendors in favor of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)2. With equipment and telecom costs plummeting, and performance racing upwards, the real costs are now coming from a surprising place; legal, compliance and testing.  Download this informative paper to learn more.  

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Explosive growth in speech analytics adoption over the past decade has solidified its standing as a competitive differentiator. Today, best-in-breed speech analytics solutions are highly
accurate and can proactively identify emerging trends, conversational topics, and relationships between topics; discern customer emotion; reveal root cause; and automatically get the right data into the right hands at the right time. With these sophisticated functionalities, speech analytics users have successfully tackled many of the technology’s intended contact center uses, including the following.  Continue reading to learn more!

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We have become accustomed to using speech to interact with devices in our everyday lives. Voice-controlled digital assistants such as Google Home™ and Amazon Echo™ help us get information from the Web, set timers, play our favorite music, and much more. Now, you can leverage this technology in your contact center to give your customers the seamless, low-effort experience they deserve. This paper outlines some fundamental steps to get you started on the path to Conversational IVR.  Download now to learn more!

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But we do know that many of the contact center challenges that do keep you up at night can be solved with great knowledge management technology.

We asked our clients and prospects to tell us the biggest challenges they face in delivering extraordinary customer service to their customers. Our Customer Service Playbook shows how you can address those issues.

You’ll enjoy increased customer satisfaction, higher agent engagement and retention, better contact center metrics, and reduced costs.

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Delivering a great customer experience (CX) requires innovation, delivered at speed, across all channels, including IVR, voice, web, chat and email. Forty 7 Ronin’s Professional Services professionals offer full-stack development, optimization, testing and training assistance for companies seeking services for organizations utilizing the Genesys environment.  Download this paper to learn more on how to achieve your reporting objectives!