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Intelligent Virtual Assistants use the power of speech, chat, messaging, and Web-based standards to provide customers with personalized, convenient, and consistent interactions, while reducing operating costs. However, not all IVA platforms are created equal. Today’s customer journeys often span multiple channels and timeframes. As customers become more mobile, they also become more easily frustrated with traditional, channel-enclosed solutions. CONCENTRIX™ Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) helps you give your customers the effortless experience they deserve, while providing tangible business benefits.  Interested in learning more?

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Digitalchannels such as live chat, mobile apps, and self-service are becoming much more widely used by customers.The positive side of this is that digital channels are less expensive for contact centers to support. But when contact centers try too hard to force traffic into digital channels, the down side can be poor customer experience, which can result in customer dissatisfaction and churn. Read the following tips that should be considered when trying to support digital channels for cost savings while also improving customers' experiences. Download now to learn more!

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I overheard two guys talking in the pub the other day. One asked, “So what was the name of the person whom you first kissed?”  Note that I wasn’t eavesdropping. It’s just that I couldn’t help
overhearing. I know; it’s a sad life.  The point of telling you that is because it reminded me of the list of security questions I faced recently in signing up to an on-line service.  I don’t recollect all of the questions on the list, but I vividly recall my horror at not having an answer to any of them. I thought if I can’t provide a ready answer now, how the heck am I going to remember
the answer I did give next time I face an interrogation.  If you’ve ever had to answer such questions, in a phone call to your bank or your insurer, you’ll appreciate the stress quotient involved.
There has to be a better system of authenticating callers; an alternative to the security questions inquisition.  Download now to learn more!

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AI has stirred up the once-quiet backwater of speech analytics. Techniques ranging from traditional machine learning to deep learning have improved the accuracy of speech-to-text transcription; made it easier to extract intent, topics, entities, and relationships; and measure the tone, sentiment, and emotion of speakers. Once used mostly to ensure conformity in contact centers, AI-fueled speech analytics now drives engaging customer conversations, gauges customer sentiment, surfaces unexpected customer insights, increases marketing effectiveness, and improves sales conversations.  Continue reading to learn more!


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Learn how to seamlessly combined instant messaging, smart workflow, natural language processing, and machine learning to automatically serve customers online, guiding them through a chat-based sales process or service experience. Continue reading to learn more!

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We’ve asked our clients and prospects to share with us their biggest customer service challenges as they entered 2017. They’ve told us where they need the most help, and we’ve incorporated their responses into this playbook that lets you know how your business compares to others and how you can deliver exceptional customer service.

The key challenges that we’ve uncovered are:
• The complexity of your business makes training and balancing staff difficult
• Agents spend too much time doing after call work
• Agents are constantly on a scavenger hunt for answers
• Increasing self-service adoption is a challenge
• Lack of a knowledge-sharing culture hinders problem resolution

Use this playbook as a reference guide so that you can address these challenges to transform and optimize the performance of your contact center.

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Transcription, part of Verint’s methodology for analyzing unstructured data, is transforming the way leading organizations do business, enriching artificial intelligence, automation, predictive, and big data activities.  Continue reading to learn more

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Your IVR reflects your company’s brand. Following these simple steps will help ensure it gives your prospects and customers the best experience possible.  Download Now!

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Contact centers are becoming increasingly vulnerable to targeted cross-channel attacks by fraudsters, and regulatory noncompliance is becoming more costly. Here are some precautions you can take to protect your brand and give your customers the peace of mind they deserve. Download now to learn more.  

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The new class of voice terminals offers an ideal bridge between users and advanced services. Serverside applications come in many forms, but the most promising rely on artificial intelligence (AI). Yet what we consider to be AI, today, often relies on machine learning and differs greatly from the classic IVR. Today’s machine learning is largely about categorizing data. Software developers provide either clear instruction on how to establish the categories or how to supervise the AI during categorization. This type of AI works well for tasks involving a lot of data, and allows computers to do things like operate vehicles, spot trading patterns in financial markets and predict failures in equipment.  Download this informative paper to learn more!

Also, make sure to catch Jack's Insights in the Winter 2017 issue of Speech Technology magazine for additional information.  

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IntelligentWire integrates directly into the voice channel and accurately records 100% of the conversational data taking place across your contact center – at scale. More than just a transcription of the call, IntelligentWire understands the tone and tenor, the customer sentiment, the feeling and the mood of the dialogue. This data, which encompasses a call recording, live transcription and annotation, can be imported directly into your customer records and backoffice systems in real time.  Learn how to harness the power of conversations with IntelligentWire by downloading this paper now.