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Providing a superior customer experience can positively influence how your brand is perceived, especially in the financial industry. At one major credit union, management wanted to better anticipate the needs of its members and exceed NPS®  evaluations. By using a powerful speech browser application, the credit union is now able to: 

  • Transcribe all of its live and recorded contact center calls
  • Discover a wealth of actionable insights
  • Mine calls to identify coaching needs
  • Address critical situations unfolding in real time
  • Make informed decisions that enhance the customer experience for its members 

Download this informative case study to learn more!

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In today’s experience economy, digital natives are in the driver’s seat. They are mobile-first, chat-first, and social-first.  They’re always connected, juggle multiple screens and channels, and like having options when it comes to customer service.  This has prompted many businesses to prioritize upgrading their digital customer service channels in an effort to give customers what they want, but recently, the focus has shifted back to what remains the number one CX channel – voice.   The metrics paint a clear picture – many consumers still prefer to pick up the phone when they really need help, which is why call volumes remain high.  Download now to learn more!

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Security and authentication accuracy are paramount. Next Generation Technology improvements in both active and passive voice biometrics make it easier for organizations to provide their customers a better, more secure experience. From helpdesk solutions, like automated password reset, to live authentication and fraud prevention, voice biometrics is considered a strong, easy and agile method for validating an individual’s claimed identity.  Learn how voice biometrics are now more Accurate, more Secure, and more available to organizations than ever before!  Download now!

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From the time humans are born, we learn to interact with our voices. It is no surprise that we love the ease of using voice-controlled digital assistants such as Google Home™ and Amazon Echo™ to get information from the Web, set timers, play music, and much more.  Now, contact centers are leveraging conversational AI technology to give customers a seamless, loweffort experience they expect. With conversational AI, you can easily automate common requests in self-service mode to provide fast and easy answers (Figure 1), while complex issues or highvalue customers are quickly routed for human assistance.  Download now to learn more!

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Artificial intelligence, enhancements in natural language processing and machine learning, and the proliferation of digital channels are changing the way customers interact with the organizations they chose to do business with. And the impact on traditional voice contact centers is profound.  With customers increasingly opting to self-serve—and interacting with virtual assistants as well as emailing, chatting, and texting their inquiries—call volume has declined. But now, the degree of complexity in phone conversations has skyrocketed, placing new demands on representatives and the systems that support them.  Continue reading to learn how speech analytics and AI can help!

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Given the massive savings gained by deploying this solution as an automated system, the deployment paid for itself in less than 60 days, providing an unprecedented ROI for the customer.  Learn how you can realize the same and/or similar ROI in your organizations!  Continue reading to learn more. 

Sponsored by Yactraq

Receive omnichannel business intelligence with a next generation speech based semantic computing platform.  This configurable business intelligence platform, provides high-impact business insights through an award-winning and patented technology from call recordings to deliver effective & high ROI speech analytics to call centers. Download this paper to learn more!

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By implementing speech technologies, you can both save and earn a lot. Not only this, in addition to saving money, you can also save time. By letting voice bots handle basic tasks, your staff can concentrate on the important things.  Download this paper now to learn more!