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According to this company's analytics, callers average about two reasons per call; yet CSRs were limited to just a single call reason category from a defined list. Therefore, assuming CSRs made wholly accurate selections in the past, at best the outcome could only be about 50% accurate.  Learn how you can increase your reporting efficiency ..., 

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Providing excellent customer service is an integral part of a Company’s values and business strategy, and there are core phrases around which the Company’s vision is built upon. This customer needed a way to ensure that these important phrases were being used consistently by their call center staff, thus they needed a way to identify calls where these phrases weren’t being used, or were less used than would be expected by call type.  Continue reading to learn more!

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Businesses with call operations are sitting on top of a treasure trove of data that can provide both operational and strategic benefits, yet the vast majority of this data is dark due to the lack of affordable, accurate, and scalable speech analytics solutions. Learn how to receive high impact solutions for call operations by indexing every minute of every call across multiple use cases, and at a speed, cost, and scale that is unprecedented in the industry!

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In the past, it was believed that a website with a great UX design would reduce the number of basic requests call centers had to handle such as, “I cannot remember my PIN” or “I would like to open an account at your bank”. Of course, it has decreased them, but not as much as everybody would have liked. Sometimes, you simply cannot force users to change their behavior.  Download this brochure to learn more!

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A few years ago, most conversations we had with speech analytics customers focused on features and functions of the technology. These days, many of our speech analytics conversations focus on transcription accuracy. Features and functions still matter—particularly to contact centers—but new consumers of speech analytics data are emerging. Big data and predictive analytics
practitioners have enormous data sets, strong preferences for their tools of choice, and want access to the wealth of information that results from indexing and analyzing voice conversations.
Here are some of the ways this rich data source can transform your business.  Download now to learn more!

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Personalization and Context Awareness across multiple channels is key to creating a low-effort, high satisfaction experience.  More than half of those who reported using multiple channels stated that they first attempted online self-service, but failed. From there, most went straight to the phone, increasing both effort and cost.  Continue reading to learn more!