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Learn how this company who needed a new solution, one based on modern and more efficient technology, found one that had a price point that made sense for their business and could be customized to their specific needs.  Continue reading to learn more.  

Sponsored by Yactraq

Did you know that 7 out of 10 companies believe that speech analytics can lead to improved customer experience and more than half think that its deployment can lead to revenue enhancement.  Download this informative brochure to learn more.  

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It is a well-known fact that the behavior and performance of your call center are crucial to generating good customer experience. The length of waiting time, a correct understanding of a customer’s problem by your agent, easy customer authentication, swift and accurate solutions—and, of course, a happy customer at the end—these, and various other factors, are what really matter. Speech technologies can help you dramatically improve many of these.  Continue reading to learn more!

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A few years ago, most conversations we had with speech analytics customers focused on features and functions of the technology. These days, many of our speech analytics conversations focus on transcription accuracy. Features and functions still matter—particularly to contact centers—but new consumers of speech analytics data are emerging. Big data and predictive analytics
practitioners have enormous data sets, strong preferences for their tools of choice, and want access to the wealth of information that results from indexing and analyzing voice conversations.
Here are some of the ways this rich data source can transform your business.  Download now to learn more!

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Prior to using analytics, this company used manual call logs and categorization at its contact centers. CSRs disliked the requirement, and found the manual recording tedious. There were also significant challenges with the manual process not being easy to use, and managers had limited options for checking data. With so many issues, it was hard to identify trends in the client experience or CSR service delivery.  Learn what solution this company utilized and how it achieved these results!

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By utilizing Natural Language Understanding to collect the caller’s call reason, and employing other best practices and BA Portal findings this company was able to achieve a 45% containment rate.  Learn how you can do this too!