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It takes 90 days for a new contact center employee to become “official”. It takes 90 days for an intelligent virtual assistant to integrate into your contact center.  NOT JUST ANY VIRTUAL ASSISTANT WILL DO!  The virtual assistant (VA) you “hire” must have certain qualifications in order to pass “performance evaluation” such as Conversational artificial intelligence.  Continue reading to learn about other qualifications as well.  

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With over 77% of customer interactions occurring over the phone and 57% of customers surveyed choosing the phone as their preferred method of interaction with the contact center1, pre-deployment testing of the contact center voice environment can result in time and money savings, an improved customer experience, increased revenues, and expanded market share. To capture those benefits, a testing strategy is required.  But how in-depth do testing strategy and execution plans need to be?  Download this informative paper to learn more today!

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Cross-channel communication is one of the most challenging aspects of customer service. Recent Convergys research shows that 40% of customers use multiple channels in their quest for resolution, and they expect instant, personalized “anytime, anywhere”
service. You can leverage these three best practices to ensure that you are providing the best customer experience possible—
in your IVR and beyond.  Continue reading to learn more

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Telecommunications companies have highly informed customers who expect faster network speeds, reliable and secure data connections and exception customer experience.  Learn how to use these solutions to benefit your own organizations.  

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Even in the digital era, customers still call your IVR. In fact, they depend on it now more than ever, calling to resolve complex situations they can’t resolve using your Web or mobile channels. But who answers the call? Is it an impressive, modern IVR capable of competing with other worldclass customer experiences? Or is it an outdated “Press 1 for Sales” phone tree from 1994? There’s never been a better or more crucial time to modernize your IVR. Your customers expect it. Your business deserves it. And if you wait any longer, your competitors may take advantage of it.  Download this informative paper to learn more on how American Airlines is delivering personalized IVR Self-Service with a modernized IVR.