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When it comes to customer service in the digital age, people only want to talk to someone as a last resort. Customers call IVRs when they need answers the most, when all other channels have failed. Yet at the peak of their frustration, they’re being greeted by outdated touch-tone phone systems, confusing menu options, and clumsy PIN and password authentication. It’s the exact opposite of a modern digital experience — and the negative effects on customer satisfaction and retention can be dramatic. Fortunately, there’s a far better way.   Continue reading to learn more!

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KnuVerse, a division of KnuEdge, delivers accurate, secure and cost-effective voice recognition and authentication even in noisy, real-world environments. Our voice biometrics provide an easy to use, scalable, reliable, dynamic method of user authentication, that works the same on a laptop, or a smart phone, or a smart watch. We authenticate in real time so your employees and customers can get access to their data, confirm a transaction quickly, and have a seamless personalized experience. Continue reading to learn more!

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Despite the explosive growth of digital channels, such as chat and social media, the telephone remains a top pick for customer interactions. And since a five-minute call can contain about 1,000 words that reveal customer needs, complaints, product feedback and intelligence about competitors, every call is a potential gold mine of intelligence. Learn how speech analytics can help organizations examine recorded calls with the goal of improving operations in the contact center by downloading this paper now!