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 Modern visualizations have pushed analytics to new levels and organizations can publish information in unique, highly visual representations.  If the charts and graphs you use are not cutting it here are seven visualizations that can bring new meaning and purpose to your dashboards

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A successful voice user interface (VUI) begins with a good design document. When it comes to documenting their VUIs, most designers use Visio, MS Word, or a combination of the two.  Documenting an IVR call flow may appear simple, but it is often quite complex. A labyrinth of menu paths, alternate prompting, and varying data conditions ultimately produces a large design document that is challenging to manage—not only during the initial implementation, but also throughout post-production updates and changes.  How can you streamline this process?  Continue reading to learn more.

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Before implementing a test scenario, you must understand your existing environment, identify the tests that should be performed, gain clarity on the execution considerations, and make a case (complete with ROI analysis) for implementation. While there is no single answer when it comes to developing a testing plan, there are basic testing considerations.  Download this paper to learn more

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NOT JUST ANY VIRTUAL ASSISTANT WILL DO!  The virtual assistant (VA) you “hire” must have certain qualifications in order to pass “performance evaluation” such as Conversational artificial intelligence and Cognitive artificial intelligence., see what additional qualifications you will need to make your next "hire" a success!

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Telecommunications companies have highly informed customers who expect faster network speeds, reliable and secure data connections and exception customer experience.  Learn how to use these solutions to benefit your own organizations.  

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Empowered with cutting-edge analytics, telecoms use MicroStrategy 10 in a myriad of ways to run a more datadriven business. To overcome massive infrastructure costs, it’s vital that frms take every opportunity to leverage advantages from this technology. With the ability to view real-time metrics on network operations, services, and capacity, companies can optimize their user experiences to avoid service interruptions, identify fraudulent activity, and reduce customer turnover. Continue reading to learn more!

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Even the oldest IVRs can be easily adapted to deliver experiences that aren’t just “good enough,” but ones that are intuitive, incredibly efficient and even share-worthy as your customers take to social media to brag about a great experience.  Let’s take a look at exactly what your customers expect in a modern IVR experience — and which updates you should consider making this year
to keep up with their expectations and the competition.