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Contact centers are becoming increasingly vulnerable to targeted cross-channel attacks by fraudsters, and regulatory noncompliance is becoming more costly. Here are some precautions you can take to protect your brand and give your customers the peace of mind they deserve. Download now to learn more.  

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Speech analytics can identify all calls containing “dissatisfaction” language or acoustics, including complaints, raised voices, and customer over talk. Segmenting these calls and analyzing common words and phrases around dissatisfaction language can quickly reveal why customers are upset. In addition, the ability to search transcripts for specific words and phrases around dissatisfaction allows companies to close out customer issues quickly and identify problems before they spiral out of control.   Download this paper to learn more!

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Capture the right data. Quality data has a number of important attributes that can support contact center performance. These include timeliness, accuracy, accessibility (e.g. through dashboards), completeness, and clarity. Match the data you are collecting against these criteria to ensure that the data is contributing to both your contact center and corporate objectives.  Download this informative data to learn more.  

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Technology can change radically over time, often leaving later generations with a very different view of what problems were initially addressed. The telephone is a great example of this. Initially promoted as a mass media communications platform. It was later adapted as a vehicle for moving data. At various times, telephones were rotary, touch-tone, landline, mobile and ‘smart’, but they are always endpoint devices that support voice communication across networks; voice terminals. Increasingly the uses of the telephone as a dedicated endpoint for voice communications is continuing to give way to other forms of communication available

For more information please download now and also make sure to catch Jack's Insights in the Winter issue of Speech Technology magazine.  

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IntelligentWire integrates directly into the voice channel and accurately records 100% of the conversational data taking place across your contact center – at scale. More than just a transcription of the call, IntelligentWire understands the tone and tenor, the customer sentiment, the feeling and the mood of the dialogue. This data, which encompasses a call recording, live transcription and annotation, can be imported directly into your customer records and backoffice systems in real time.  Learn how to harness the power of conversations with IntelligentWire by downloading this paper now.