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The old-school or, as we like to think of it them “Classic” IVRs, may seem light years away from the talking cars and robot vacuums that people have come to expect, but extending an old IVR, with new capabilities, doesn’t require an expensive rewrite or increase in complexity. In the following pages we examine the case for migrating automated service IVRs using an interpreter. Interpreters, sometimes known as translators may be a good way of thinking of how they interact with IVRs. Interpreters emulate the hardware of another machine and perform instructions as if they were that machine.

There is a little-known history of very fast interpreters in the early days of computing. These interpreters were known for their
flexibility and the ability to write portable code. We draw on both for our systems.  For more information please download now and also make sure to catch Jack's Insights in the Winter issue of Speech Technology magazine.  

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It’s that time again in your contact center. Time for performance reviews.  Almost everyone on the team is going above and beyond, optimizing their workflows, attending to the needs of the customer and creating more opportunities every step of the way. Almost everyone.  Almost.

There’s always one, isn’t there? There’s a member of the team who, time and time again, comes in below expectations.  Every step of the way there’s a problem, some issue, an inability to get done what needs to get done – and it drags down the productivity of the entire team.  Seemingly, there is a simple fix:  removing the source of the problem.  In this case, however, the problem isn’t a person, the problem is your contact center agents’ After Call Work (ACW).

Learn how to harness the power of conversations with IntelligentWire by downloading this paper now. 

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Healthcare consumerism is on the rise.  Your customers want 24x7 access to service; they want you to know their preferences;
they want to stay in one channel without repeating themselves, and above all, they want their interactions to be easy. If you are
struggling to meet these demands, here are a few ideas to get your customer care on the road to recovery.  Download now to learn more.  

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Harnessing the Power of Speech Analytics in the Contact Center        

The conversations between your customers and agents contain invaluable insights—if you have the right tools to easily interpret and act on this dialogue. Unfortunately, most organizations waste time manually mining only a subset of customer interaction data, or worse yet, do nothing with it at all.

Speech analytics is an incredibly powerful tool for contact center leaders. It easily delivers real-time visibility into the full customer journey and agent responses, which are essential for driving higher customer satisfaction and business success.         

Download "Harnessing the Power of Speech Analytics: 6 Ways Speech Analytics Improves Contact Center Efficiency and Performance" to see how you can:

  • Improve key contact center metrics and operational efficiency
  • Reduce churn and drive customer loyalty
  • Better manage risk and compliance requirements

Speech analytics is your key to transforming customer data into better business outcomes. See how with this guide. 

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When it comes to improving your IVR performance, nothing works better for measuring results than cold, hard data. After all, how do you know if your system is working well if you don’t have a way to track its day-to-day operations? Here are some tips to help you get started.  Continue reading to learn more!