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Smart companies from almost every industry have made an important commitment to utilize the Genesys Customer Experience (CX platform) but have still failed to achieve the type of results they originally hoped for – partially due to a failure to extend and take advantage of the reporting and analytics tools that came with their systems.  Learn how not to fall into this trap!  

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Advances in automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data are extending the ways speech analytics can be leveraged to address an expanding set of business problems and opportunities. Learn how speech analytics creates accurate, speaker-separated transcripts of voice interactions, why that matters, and what it means for today’s employees, customers, and businesses.

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All Conversational IVR platforms are not created equal. When you are selecting a vendor, here are the questions to make sure you are asking.  

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For IVR users, it is necessary to find a way to adapt to change and to adapt in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The IVR needs to be flexible enough to adjust with compliance needs and still solve the problem they were built for.  Continue reading to learn more!

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We’ve asked our clients and prospects to share with us their biggest customer service challenges as they entered 2017. They’ve told us where they need the most help, and we’ve incorporated their responses into this playbook that lets you know how your business compares to others and how you can deliver exceptional customer service.

The key challenges that we’ve uncovered are:
• The complexity of your business makes training and balancing staff difficult
• Agents spend too much time doing after call work
• Agents are constantly on a scavenger hunt for answers
• Increasing self-service adoption is a challenge
• Lack of a knowledge-sharing culture hinders problem resolution

Use this playbook as a reference guide so that you can address these challenges to transform and optimize the performance of your contact center.