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The most effective way to decide how to mitigate traffic in the contact center is to analyze the customer's journeys to understand, for example, how many journeys start in the website or mobile app, but end or pass through the contact center.  Those journeys, segmented out on their own, will identify the numbers of customers that could likely be containted in digital channels.  Then drill down into some of the phone calls this segment of customers is having with the contact center.., Download now to learn more!

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Walk the ups and downs of your customers' experiences to find out what they like and don't like.  Using AI based sentiment analysis lets you identify your customers downs and what makes them unhappy, so you can compensate accordingly and ensure their utmost satisfaction.  And, their ups are just as valuable.  By knowing what makes your customers happy, you have the power to prevent negatives by creating more positives and keep them smiling!  

These solutions have proven to bring winning practices to all interactions-oriented operations. Read more on how to transform organizations, making analytics their second nature by downloading now.  

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Intelligent Virtual Assistants provide many benefits including:

  • Ease of Use
  • A Visual Mode
  • Proactive Services
  • Seamless Integration

Learn more about the above and more by downloading now. 

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Stemming the impact of fraud and identity theft is one of the key benefits of expanding the use of voice biometric identity verification. Across a range of susceptibilities, from data breaches and theft, to social engineering and hacking, strong, multi-factor authentication, incorporating voice biometrics, presents a low risk compared to traditional methods.  Download now to learn more!