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A few years ago, most conversations we had with speech analytics customers focused on features and functions of the technology. These days, many of our speech analytics conversations focus on transcription accuracy. Features and functions still matter—particularly to contact centers—but new consumers of speech analytics data are emerging. Big data and predictive analytics
practitioners have enormous data sets, strong preferences for their tools of choice, and want access to the wealth of information that results from indexing and analyzing voice conversations.
Here are some of the ways this rich data source can transform your business.  Download now to learn more!

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Northwestern Mutual is the largest direct provider of individual life insurance in the United States, as well as one of the “Top 5 U.S. Independent Broker-Dealers.”* to provide service to clients and the field force, Northwestern Mutual currently employs more than 1,000 Client Services Representatives (CSRs) handling more than 3 million calls per year. The company currently uses 150 CSR licenses for speech analytics. As a result of the positive experience to date, the company plans to expand the technology to additional contact centers, adding 200 CSR licenses.  Download now to learn more.

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Are you intimidated by all the hype around digital transformation? How can you turn the hype into reality without jeopardizing your brand’s reputation—or your bottom line?  Your customers face many choices about how to address their specific issues.  Often, the first effort they make is to find an answer online or use self-service technology.  Download now to learn more about Digital Channels, Customer Engagement, Customer Journeys and More!

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With the increasing demand for call centers to provide better and better customer experience, leveraging cutting-edge speech analytics and voice biometrics is essential for your business’s survival. And that means offering inquiry—and context-specific customer engagement, regardless of the channel. Simply put, if you are not delivering the experience customers expect by getting a better understanding about them from the data that speech analytics tools can give you, you are endangering the effectiveness of your call center and its longevity.  Continue reading to learn more.

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By deploying a speech analytics solution Quality Managers saw productivity gains of 400% using a diagnostic reporting features, being able to hyper-target which customer calls to audit and how to proactively handle areas identified for improvement.  Download now to learn more.

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Businesses with call operations are sitting on top of a treasure trove of data that can provide both operational and strategic benefits, yet the vast majority of this data is dark due to the lack of affordable, accurate, and scalable speech analytics solutions.   Learn about high impact solutions for call operations that index every minute of every call across multiple use cases, and at a speed, cost, and scale that is unprecedented in the industry.  Download now to learn more.