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The 2015 Speech Industry Luminaries

By The Editors of Speech Technology - Posted Aug 7, 2015
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As speech technology figures ever more prominently in our digital-everywhere world, our four 2015 Speech Luminaries bring much-needed guidance and wisdom to help steer the effort. Whether they’re writing the book on voice user interface design, compiling a voice biometrics bible, deploying neural networks for deep learning, or perfecting the unsexy but critical tasks of content search and quality control, our four winners demonstrate that the industry is in good hands. 

The 2015 Speech Luminaries, presented in alphabetical order:

Kristie Goss, human factors consultant, Convergys

Drew Lanham, senior vice president and general manager, Nexidia

Dan Miller, lead analyst and founder, Opus Research

Andrew Ng, chief scientist, Baidu Research; and director, Stanford University's Artificial Intelligence Lab

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