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Visual Studio.NET vs. WebSphere

Two developers from different developing environments describe what it’s like to deploy a speech application. Compare their experiences and their unique insights.
By Lizanne Kaiser - Posted Jan 9, 2004
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Want to know what it’s like to deploy a speech application? We asked two developers from different developing environments – Matt Hempey of Vertigo Software (.NET) and Michael Vogel of NewportWorks (WebSphere) – for some insight. The Microsoft Speech Application SDK (SASDK) is a set of development tools based on the Speech Application Language Tags (SALT) specification. The speech application SDK V1.0 Beta 3 includes speech add-ins for Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer, sample and reference applications and documentation that allow Web developers to create, debug and deploy speech-enabled ASP.NET telephony Web applications and supports the creation and testing of multimodal applications. Click here for a Q&A with Matt Hempey of Vertigo Software. The IBM WebSphere Application Server is a scalable transaction engine for e-business applications. The Open Services Infrastructure allows companies to deploy a core-operating environment that works as a foundation capable of handling high volume secure transactions and Web services. WebSphere continues the evolution to a single Web services-enabled, Java™ 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) application server and development environment that addresses the essential elements needed for an on demand operating environment. Click here for a Q&A with Michael Vogel of NewportWorks.

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