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SpiceFactory Introduces Cognito Chatbot Platform for Banks

SpiceFactory announced the launch of Cognito, a white label chatbot platform that enables on-demand, contextual banking experiences. With Cognito, banking customers can easily manage their money across accounts, track expenses, and get loan guidance, all from their favorite messaging application.
Industry View, Posted 15 Mar 2018

ZaiLab Launches 100% Cloud-Based Call Center Technology

ZaiLab, an omnichannel and cloud-based contact center software company, introduced a 100% cloud-based, pay-as-you-go call center technology platform.
Industry View, Posted 02 Mar 2018

Successful Failures

Speech has to step up or risk becoming 2011's Symbian.
Industry View, Posted 05 Jan 2011

The $10,000 Briefcase

Most devices from a few years ago are already obsolete.
Industry View, Posted 01 Sep 2010

Hey, You Kids! Get Off My Lawn!

Discussions of CCXML lead to a battle of the ages.
Industry View, Posted 03 May 2010

Start the Revolution Without Us

Speech is absent from the latest social networking innovations.
Industry View, Posted 10 Jan 2010

Pardon the Interruption

Speech remains unable to keep us focused on the task at hand.
Industry View, Posted 01 Oct 2009

Thinking Backward and Thinking Ahead

Sci-fi paves the way for further TTS exploration
Industry View, Posted 15 Jul 2009

Talk Quickly Without Talking Faster

A new platform could cut the time spent needlessly on the phone
Industry View, Posted 01 May 2009

Thoughts for the Men in Black

Questions to ponder as we advance audio-mining capabilities.
Industry View, Posted 06 Feb 2009

The Creepiness Factor

Too much personalization in your IVR can lead to trouble.
Industry View, Posted 01 Oct 2008

Lessons from the Blogosphere

For better user interactions, the speech world could learn from Twitter.
Industry View, Posted 15 Jul 2008

Ancient Applications

Though technology has advanced, speech is still a second-class citizen.
Industry View, Posted 01 May 2008

The Next Small Thing

Many baby steps versus one giant leap
Industry View, Posted 01 Mar 2008

Voice Biometrics Grows to Meet Global Challenges

Today's solutions are more accurate and easier to use and implement.
Industry View, Posted 01 Oct 2007

Speech-Enabled Mobile Search Marches On

Free services expand as technology moves out of the niche.
Industry View, Posted 09 Jul 2007

Apple's Ironic Product Positioning

Saying Hello to the new iPhone will go unanswered
Industry View, Posted 01 May 2007

Banking on Voice Biometrics

Regulations are enforcing stricter authentication for financial institutions, generating more opportunity for voice biometrics
Industry View, Posted 01 Mar 2007

How Good Is Good Enough?

Setting metrics for measuring the success of speech applications goes beyond recognition rates
Industry View, Posted 30 Jan 2007

Season's Greetings

Automated speech VUIs(voice user interfaces) have exposed us to a variety of greetings: Hey there! How may I help you? In your own words, describe the purpose of your call. Please press or say your account number. And the ever popular, This call may be monitored for training purposes. Well, at least most firms are getting better than the Your call is important to us, but not much.
Industry View, Posted 09 Nov 2006

Stacked-Unified Communications Revisited

Last June, Microsoft held an event in San Francisco where top executives demonstrated new software and hardware components that round out its Unified Communications (UC) solutions stack, and, to use Bill Gates' terminology, "make it easy for people to reach each other using the mode of communication that is the most productive, on the device that is most convenient." Its partners - including LG-Nortel, Polycom, and Thomson Telecom (based in Australia) - set out to define hardware and software that fill out a solution stack for enterprise IP-telephony. Other members of its hardware consortium include Motorola, Samsung, Plantronics, Tatung, Logitech and Siemens.
Industry View, Posted 12 Sep 2006

Adventures in Speech Mobilization

Industry View, Posted 03 Jul 2006

Heard the News Today? Oh Boy!

Bringing automated speech to a vertical, like health care, is not merely transcending a doctor's illegible handwriting or obviating the need for off-shore transcription services. The opportunity lies in rendering well-understood, repetitive activities as XML-based scripts in a way that leverages an installed base of processors, applications and databases.
Industry View, Posted 08 May 2006

Coping with the Terrible 2000s: CAT's Prospects in 2006

We are now half way through the first decade of the new millennium. It's time to take stock of the factors that have had the greatest influence on automated speech's progress into enterprise and service provider IT infrastructures as a major component of Conversational Access Technologies (CAT).
Industry View, Posted 01 Mar 2006

Speech Automation's False Choices

As a growing number of enterprises make their conversion to VoIP (Voice over IP) or IP telephony, the notion of automated speech is getting short shrift.
Industry View, Posted 07 Nov 2005

Conversational Voice Authorization Is a Natural Over the Phone

Sometimes it helps to have multiple personalities. However, it is generally not helpful when someone else borrows one of these personalities to make unauthorized purchases on one's charge account. For phone-based access to financial services, health records, technical support or more routine customer care, "conversational sign on," which mixes voice biometrics with multi-factor authentication methodologies, should be the preferred method for identity validation. …
Industry View, Posted 30 Aug 2005

The Experience of Voice

“Listen to the voice of experience!” So I’ve been told by my mentors dating back to kindergarten and on through graduate school. Here in the year of “Sideways,” let me strongly suggest to my readers that it will be much more productive if you “listen to the experience of voice,” and I’ll clarify that directive by saying that I’m not just referring to the so-called voice user interface (VUI). I’m talking about the elements up…
Industry View, Posted 20 Jun 2005

Spread the Word

If the combination of SpeechTEK, TVUI and SAXPO has any common denominator, it is this: We have made great strides in educating ourselves about the power of standards and the Internet in making 'insanely great' self-service, telephone-based applications.
Industry View, Posted 26 Apr 2005

2005: Yet Another Year of Intelligent Migration

OPUS Research is a long-standing and unrepentant booster of speech-enablement. We stand for judicious use of advanced speech recognition (ASR), text-to-speech conversion (TTS) and all the attendant hardware, software, professional services and tooling (soaking up something on the order of $28 billion in 2005) directed at a single goal. That is to take existing self-service infrastructure - on a Web site, in front of a corporate directory 'auto-attendant,' baked into a contact center or hosted.
Industry View, Posted 06 Mar 2005