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Self-Service and Assisted Service: Putting It All Together

The customer experience gets a boost when service systems work as one
Feature, Posted 04 Jun 2018

Speech Developer Platforms: Reshaping the Market By Mimicking App Stores

Want to understand what is happening with speech application development platforms? Then take a close look at smartphone application stores.
Feature, Posted 16 Apr 2018

Voice Biometrics: Building Its Business Base as New Uses Emerge

Biometric solutions built on voice recognition technologies are projected to create an incremental opportunity of $4.5 billion between 2017 and 2025. 
Feature, Posted 02 Apr 2018

Speech Analytics: Showing Great Promise Thanks to AI and Machine Learning

Speech analytics has been commercially available for about 15 years, but it is only now starting to move beyond the pilot and early-adoption stages.
Feature, Posted 05 Mar 2018

Assistive Technologies: Helping The Disabled Join The Technological Revolution

Text-to-speech and automatic speech recognition technologies can help those with vision or hearing loss.
Feature, Posted 12 Feb 2018

2018 State of the Speech Technology Industry Introduction

Thanks to the rise of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep neural networks, speech technology is more sophisticated and has more wide-ranging uses than ever before.
Feature, Posted 05 Feb 2018

Speech Engines: Improving Accuracy and Finding New Uses

Improvements in speech engines continue as suppliers use more processing power and more sophisticated software to enhance system performance.
Feature, Posted 05 Feb 2018

Companies Learn Slowly from IVR Mistakes

Prompts that leave customers screaming rather than satisfied are still too common
Feature, Posted 10 Nov 2017

The Bots Are Coming, and Fast

To improve customer service, enterprises embrace artificial intelligence, and the change ripples through IVR systems
Feature, Posted 24 Apr 2017

Using Speech to Combat Robocalls, ANI Spoofing, and Fraud

With voice biometrics and interactive voice response technologies, companies can drastically reduce call center chaos
Feature, Posted 24 Apr 2017

Avoid the Phone Slam with a Finely Tuned IVR

Tips for regularly testing and tuning speech-enabled systems
Feature, Posted 10 Nov 2016

The Internet of Things: A New Evolution for Speech Technology

The onslaught of connected devices will shape the next frontier in customer engagement
Feature, Posted 10 Nov 2016

Can Visual IVRs Shift Popular Opinion in Speech Tech’s Favor?

Adding a visual component can keep end users happy, but the type of solution a company chooses will depend on its size and needs
Feature, Posted 14 Jun 2016

IVRs Get Set for the Omnichannel Challenge

Enterprises are making progress toward getting different channels to fit together, but a lot more work remains
Feature, Posted 14 Jun 2016

Making the Business Case for Speech Analytics

The technology is working its way into organizations, but deployment challenges remain
Feature, Posted 09 Nov 2015

When Is Speech Technology too Creepy?

It's imperative to understand the fine line between creepy and cool
Feature, Posted 09 Nov 2015

Whose IVR Design Is It Anyway?

When it comes to IVR projects, bringing stakeholders together can seem more daunting than the actual assignment. Here's how to get everyone to play nicely and achieve results that the client will love.
Feature, Posted 08 May 2015

Natural Language Processing Strives to Meet Star Trek Standard

Systems are not yet fully conversational, but they're on their way
Feature, Posted 08 May 2015

HTML5 Is Live

The programming language will become the platform of choice for designing and deploying multimodal applications.
Feature, Posted 10 Nov 2014

Speech Analytics Gets Real (Time)

The speech analytics market is alive and well, and will only get better with the emergence of instant analysis.
Feature, Posted 01 Nov 2014

The 2014 Speech Luminaries

Feature, Posted 31 Jul 2014

The 2014 Implementation Awards

Feature, Posted 31 Jul 2014

The 2014 Star Performers

Feature, Posted 30 Jul 2014

Star Perfomers: Amazon's on Fire

Feature, Posted 29 Jul 2014

Star Performer: Apple Is More Siri-ous

Feature, Posted 29 Jul 2014

Star Performers: Expect More from Expect Labs

Feature, Posted 29 Jul 2014

Star Performers: Watch Out, Here Comes Google

Feature, Posted 29 Jul 2014