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Broadw.ai: Buying Broadway Tickets Out Loud

Broadw.ai had the Broadway marketing and sales experience to know that theatergoers would find a digital ticketing agent appealing, but it needed a partner to develop its AI-based answer engine
Deployments, Posted 01 Apr 2019

Toys that Talk to Kids

Toymakers are increasingly incorporating speech technology into their dinosaurs, robots, unicorns, and the like
Deployments, Posted 17 Dec 2018

Higher Education Growth: Improving Quality Assurance with Call Recordings

HEG agents often have phone conversations with students. These calls play an important role in enrollments, but agents must adhere to strict Telephone Compliance Protection Act (TCPA) compliance guidelines and processes for efficiency. There are many opportunities for errors and compliance missteps throughout the EDU lead lifecycle — particularly during phone calls. The company needed a more efficient way of dealing with this challenge.
Deployments, Posted 12 Dec 2018

NWEA: Speech Recognition Technology Evaluates Out-Loud Reading for Students

The NWEA sought a way to streamline oral evaluations to save school districts time and money while still ensuring students are on track.
Deployments, Posted 22 Oct 2018

Allianz: Speech Analytics Identify Call Center Employees for Accent Neutralization Training

One of the biggest challenges of call-centers is making sure customers have a good user experience—and more of than not, that comes down to the interaction they have with your agents. If there is a language barrier—or even if the agent has a heavy accent that your majority of callers have trouble understanding—that can cause user satisfaction problems. Allianz wanted to find a way to solve that problem.
Deployments, Posted 03 Oct 2018

Bluegreen Vacations: Using Speech Analytics to Improve Customer Experience

When its customer service call volume had unexplained spikes, the resort vendor turned to CallMiner for answers.
Deployments, Posted 21 May 2018

FHN Drives Transcription Costs Down with M*Modal

Using M*Modal speech recognition, Freeport Health Network sees smoother clinical documentation.
Deployments, Posted 09 Apr 2018

Garanti Bank Guarantees Customer Loyalty With NICE

The vendor's Interaction Analytics helped the Turkish bank cut collection complaints by nearly 15 percent.
Deployments, Posted 26 Mar 2018

Philips Voice Technology Helps Law Firm Dismiss Frustration

Attorneys and other employees handle dictations more efficiently using Philips Pocket Memo and SpeechExec
Deployments, Posted 10 Nov 2017

BoomTown Builds Valuable Insights from Voice Conversations with Invoca

The B2B real estate software company increased conversions and ROI with call intelligence
Deployments, Posted 10 Nov 2017

Georgia Tourism Voicemails Transcribed to Emails

A custom voicemail-to-email app allows tourism centers to respond quickly to voicemails left after hours and during busy times
Deployments, Posted 24 Apr 2017

Dragon Medical One Dictates Big Savings for Edward-Elmhurst Health

The healthcare provider cuts costs and time requirements with the speech recognition solution
Deployments, Posted 03 Apr 2017

ReadSpeaker Expands Learning Options at York Technical College

With text-to-speech, the school's students learn how they want
Deployments, Posted 17 Feb 2017

AI Anna Delivers Fashionable Interactions for JustFab Callers

Interactions' conversational virtual assistant improves the online fashion retailer's call containment by 35 percent
Deployments, Posted 10 Nov 2016

VocalVision and Junior Blind Help Visually Impaired Agents Go to Work

Software that reads aloud graphical images—as well as numbers and text—brings visually impaired agents into the contact center
Deployments, Posted 15 Feb 2016

eBay Finds a NICE Way to Save

NICE Systems' Interaction Analytics helps eBay dramatically cut average handling times
Deployments, Posted 09 Nov 2015

Speech Technology Speeds Police Response

Philips's dictation and transcription technology helps a Minnesota police force increase efficiency and reduce costs
Deployments, Posted 08 May 2015

Rx Outreach Finds VoltDelta Is the Cure for Its IVR Blues

The nonprofit prescription provider finds relief with improved speech recognition and better outbound capabilities
Deployments, Posted 08 May 2015

Nuance Natural Language Solution Helps U.K. Telecom Hear What Customers Are Saying

TalkTalk realizes increased contact center efficiency, plus $5 million in savings.
Deployments, Posted 02 Feb 2015

Genesys Helps Michigan Put Kids First

Call center technology assures timely access to child support and other services for parents in need.
Deployments, Posted 10 Nov 2014

County Jails Unlock the Secret to Fewer Calls

Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department turns to Telerus to deliver information about inmates.
Deployments, Posted 01 May 2014

Speech Analytics Keeps Green Mountain Coffee Grinding

Calabrio ONE's speech and desktop analytics turn unstructured data into usable information.
Deployments, Posted 10 Feb 2014

Nautilus Puts Speech Analytics to Work

CallMiner Eureka is the right fit for the home exercise brand.
Deployments, Posted 10 Feb 2014

Amcom Speech Recognition Answers a College's Call

Middlesex County College benefits from a voice-based call attendant solution.
Deployments, Posted 15 Nov 2013

Speech Recognition Helps Lawyers Cut Through Backlog

Australian firm makes a case for BigHand's voice productivity and speech solutions.
Deployments, Posted 10 May 2013

Foodservice Distributor Gets Taste of Improved Efficiency

With Vocollect's Voice Solution, Jordano's boosts order accuracy.
Deployments, Posted 01 May 2013

Toronto Transforms City Services with 311

Canada's largest city improves customer service with updated contact center technologies.
Deployments, Posted 01 May 2013

Mobile Technology Solves TV Troubles

Synchronoss' SmartCare IVR gives Mediacom subscribers on-the-go options via their smartphones.
Deployments, Posted 10 Feb 2013

CBE Lets Companies Collect with CallMiner Platform

Eureka Speech Analytics helps extract meaningful business intelligence.
Deployments, Posted 10 Feb 2013