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Overheard/Underheard: Kenmore Unveils the Alfie App

The voice-controlled intelligent shopper can help you find the right product at the best price
FYI, Posted 10 Nov 2016

Market Spotlight: Speech Technology Eases the Pain of Electronic Healthcare Records

Healthcare organizations today are being pulled in many directions as they try to provide higher quality care while at the same time reducing costs and maintaining regulatory compliance.
FYI, Posted 10 Nov 2016

Nuance Adds Deep Learning to Dragon

Nuance Communications has begun leveraging its work with Nuance Deep Learning technology in the latest version of its suite of Dragon professional productivity solutions for PCs and Macs.
FYI, Posted 10 Nov 2016

Digital Assistants to Bring in $623 Billion by 2020

Digital assistants are expected to generate $7.9 billion in revenue this year, but that amount is expected to balloon to $623 billion by 2020, says an industry expert
FYI, Posted 10 Nov 2016

NICE Acquires inContact

FYI, Posted 01 Aug 2016

Domain-Squatting Scheme Exploits TTS

FYI, Posted 08 May 2015

Space...The Final Frontier for Speech?

FYI, Posted 02 Feb 2015

Skype Translator Emerges

FYI, Posted 02 Feb 2015