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Dialpad Acquires TalkIQ

Dialpad, the pure-cloud business communications provider, announced it has acquired TalkIQ, a real-time speech recognition, and artificial intelligence firm.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 22 May 2018

Nuance Buys VoiceBox Technology with Little Fanfare

In a very stealthy move, Nuance purchased VoiceBox Technologies last week.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 22 May 2018

Infobip Helps Consumers Pay Their Bills With Prompt Voice Technology

Infobip, global communications platform for businesses, is leading the way in helping consumers pay their bills on time with the support of voice messaging alerts.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 22 May 2018

VoiceBase Partners With University of Sheffield to Launch Centre for Speech & Language Technology

VoiceBase , a provider of AI-powered speech analytics announced a partnership with the University of Sheffield, to develop the next generation of speech and language technology.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 17 May 2018

[24]7.ai Introduces Virtual Agent

24]7.ai, a provider of intent-driven customer experience solutions, released new features to its core product line and AI-powered Virtual Agent, [24]7 AIVA.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 15 May 2018

Echo Dot for Kids Raises Concerns for Lawmakers

Amazon started shipping its Echo Dot for kids last week, and it's already raised concerns for two lawmakers.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 15 May 2018

Google Duplex Mimics Human Conversation, Raises Concerns

Duplex, which can use speech disfluencies like "um" and "ah" to sound more human—perhaps too human—can also make phone calls and appointments.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 15 May 2018

CareCloud Connects with SayIt Medical Speech Recognition Technology from nVoq

As medical practices seek ways to reduce time spent on low-value administrative tasks, CareCloud has added a new option for powerful speech recognition technology that reduces click-based tasks in EHRs and makes clinical documentation smarter and more personal.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 11 May 2018

Microsoft Speech Devices SDK Addresses Noisy Environments

Earlier this week, at its annual BUILD conference, Microsoft announced plans to launch Speech Devices, a somewhat confusing name, for a software development kit (SDK) for audio processing across multiple channels.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 10 May 2018

Progress Enables Developers to Add Chatbots to Apps Using Telerik and Kendo UI

Progress, a provider of application development and deployment technologies, announced the addition of conversational UI components for Telerik and Kendo UI, a packaged set of user interface (UI) components built specifically for chatbots.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 10 May 2018

Notable Introduces Wearable Voice-Powered Assistant for Physicians

Notable, an emerging provider of voice-powered healthcare solutions, launched at HLTH to deliver the first wearable voice-powered smart assistant for physicians
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 10 May 2018

Toronto Technology Firm Launches Next-Generation AI Chatbot, Rufus

Atomic X, an experiential artificial intelligence (AI) firm and consulting business, announced its emergence into the global AI marketplace with the launch of its flagship product, Rufus, a bot that introduces complex chatbot automation combined with a traditional live-chat system.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 08 May 2018

Yobe Raises $1.8M in Seed Funding to Deploy Intelligent Voice Biometrics Technology

Yobe Inc, an industry pioneer in artificial intelligence-powered signal processing solutions, announced that it has secured $1.8M in seed funding from Clique Capital Partners, a $100M fund for investing in transformative voice technologies.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 08 May 2018

Cortana and Alexa Are Making Friends

Reports from Microsoft's BUILD Conference say that Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella announced a partnership between the company and Amazon. Nadella says the two companies will integrate their voice-activated technology.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 08 May 2018

Speech Processing Solutions Signs ORdigiNAL to Increase Channel Distribution in UK & Ireland

Speech Processing Solutions announced a new partnership with ORdigiNAL, a European distributor of speech recognition, dictation, document creation, and telephony products. ORdigiNAL will act as specialist distributor in the UK and Ireland for Philips' professional dictation hardware, software, and cloud services.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 03 May 2018

Vonage Launches Chatbot Integration for Workplace by Facebook

Vonage, a business cloud communications provider, has announced the launch of its newest chatbot, Vee for Workplace by Facebook. Vonage has partnered with Facebook to provide Workplace users with virtual assistant capabilities to create and manage AI-enabled conferencing.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 03 May 2018

AlterEgo: The Voice in Your Head

If speaking actual words to your digital assistant is just too much of a hassle, MIT Media Lab graduate student Arnav Kapur has you covered. His AlterEgo prototype "reads your mind" and does your bidding.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 01 May 2018

Data Monetization, Artificial Intelligence, and Voice Recognition to Fuel Automotive Industry Growth

In the coming months, artificial intelligence (AI), voice recognition, data monetization, online vehicle retailing, and cybersecurity will propel rapid growth opportunities in the automotive sector.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 30 Apr 2018

Avaya Partners with Afiniti

Later this year, Afiniti Enterprise Behavioral Pairing will be added to Avaya's contact center platforms. Afiniti uses a customer's phone number and then scans over 100 databases--including customer relationship management systems--to build a profile.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 30 Apr 2018

Can AI and Speech Technology Save Lives by Predicting Cardiac Arrest?

Corti's system is an Artificial Intelligence-based speech analysis of real-time, live emergency medical services calls that makes instant predictions to detect out-of-hospital cardiac arrests with up to 95% accuracy.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 30 Apr 2018

Lexalytics Announces “Get Out of the Cloud” Campaign for Transfer of Natural Language Processing from Cloud to On-Premise

Lexalytics, a provider of "words-first" machine learning and artificial intelligence, announced the "Get Out of the Cloud" campaign, encouraging existing and prospective customers to transfer their existing public-cloud Semantria implementation to its Salience on-premise offering. Participating customers will receive free migration and tuning services.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 25 Apr 2018

MIT Creates Machine-Learning System that Listens Like a Human

Leave it to MIT to design a computer that can listen like a human. That means the machine can replicate auditory tasks such as identifying a musical genre.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 24 Apr 2018

Third-Party Alexa Devices Will Soon Be Able to Make Calls

You can make calls using Alexa, but only if you have an Amazon device…at least for now. According to reports, Priya Abani, director of Alexa Voice Service at Amazon, says third-party devices will soon be able to make calls using Alexa.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 24 Apr 2018

Voicera Acquires Mobile App Wrappup

Voicera Unveils New App to Deliver Eva for In-Person Conversations, Adds Predictive Highlights
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 19 Apr 2018

Liopa Secures Seed Round

LipRead uses the camera on a smartphone or tablet to analyze lip movement and decipher words and phrases.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 19 Apr 2018

Adobe Acquires Sayspring, Says its Betting on Voice

Adobe announced on its blog that it is betting on voice, and has acquired Sayspring.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 19 Apr 2018

Vonage Announces Vee, a Virtual Assistant Chatbot

Chatbot Enables Streamlined Management of Unified Communications Capabilities with Natural Language.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 19 Apr 2018

Sonde Health Announces Patents Covering Methods of Detecting Vocal Biomarkers in Physical or Psychological Conditions

Sonde Health Inc., an affiliate of PureTech Health developing a voice-based technology platform for monitoring and diagnosing mental and physical medical conditions, announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office and Intellectual Property Australia have issued the company patents.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 17 Apr 2018

NICE inContact CXone Expands Artificial Intelligence Apps with Speech-Enabled Virtual Assistants and AI Chatbots from Omilia

NICE inContact, a NICE business, announced the expansion of its artificial intelligence applications with the Omilia conversational technology stack on CXexchange, an extensive marketplace featuring ready-to-use applications designed to integrate with NICE inContact CXone, the world's #1 cloud customer experience platform.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 17 Apr 2018