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ASR Makes It Cheaper to Get an MP3

CSR, a provider of personal wireless technologies, announced today the launch of BlueCore Player, a low-cost Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player with voice controls.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 19 Nov 2007

Paltalk Expands Videoconferencing to Thousands at Once

Online community pulled out all the stops in a multimedia conference involving author Stephen King.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 16 Nov 2007

Primas Prepares to Pounce on New Market Opening

When Nuance acquired contact center solution provider Viecore last month, many chalked it up as yet another example of the speech powerhouse buying up more market space. But Primas viewed the purchase as an opportunity.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 15 Nov 2007

Merrill Lynch Trades Up to VoIP

Financial services giant Merrill Lynch will roll out roughly 4,000 IQ/MAX trading desktops—running a VoIP-powered system from IPC Systems—at its trading centers in London and New York.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 14 Nov 2007

FBI Joins Ranks of Government Organizations Deploying Nuance Software

Following in the footsteps of two other government organizations, the FBI chose Dragon NaturallySpeaking from Nuance Communications for use in creating documents throughout the organization.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 13 Nov 2007

When Superpowers Team Up, Banks Are the Beneficiaries

Cisco and IBM announced today a joint front-office solution for retail banks designed to enhance customer service by unifying customer touch points across delivery channels, including branches, contact centers, and self-service kiosks.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 12 Nov 2007

Automotive Voice Technology Market Expected to Hit $6.5 Billion by 2013

Phone, navigation, and entertainment systems to remain hot, but other applications are possible.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 09 Nov 2007

Convergys Urges Automated, Personalized Approach to Happy Customers

Stressing the need for a uniform, automation-driven business optimization process, Convergys today announced the formation of its new Relationship Management Technology group.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 08 Nov 2007

Solution Presents a NICE Way to Handle Cranky Holiday Calls

NICE Systems SmartCenter application suite isolates only those calls that require managers to follow up.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 08 Nov 2007

Speech Analytics Partnerships Herald Technology's Growth

Interest in speech analytics solutions as it applies to contact centers increased yesterday when CallMiner announced a stretegic partnership with CallCopy, the same day that Nexidia announced a partnership with Noble Systems.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 07 Nov 2007

Boeing's Credit Union Switches to Speech-Enabled IVR

Boeing Employees' Credit Union (BECU) selected TuVox for the redesign and restructure of its telephony infrastructure to include an interactive voice response (IVR) application.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 06 Nov 2007

Coalition Announces Open Platform for Mobile Devices

The Open Handset Alliance, an international coalition of 34 mobile operators, handset manufacturers, and semiconductor companies, announced today the development of Android, an open platform for mobile devices
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 05 Nov 2007

Leading Dutch Grocer Uses Voxware to Voice-Enable Warehouses

Albert Heijn, a unit of the worldwide retail food conglomerate Royal Ahold, has deployed Voxware's voice picking solution in four regional distribution centers (DC's) throughout the Netherlands, and plans to begin installing it in two national DC's in January.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 02 Nov 2007

With One Voice Technologies, India's Residents Enter Dialtone 2.0

One Voice Technologies will provide its MobileVoice email reader, which allows users to read and send email from either a landline or mobile device, to Mahangar Telephone Nigman in India.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 01 Nov 2007

Partnering (and Adapting) for a Multichannel View

Speech analytics provider CallMiner announced today its partnership with Clarabridge, a Virginia-based text analysis software company.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 30 Oct 2007

New Car Kits To Use Voice

To ease a driver's responsibilities in the hands-busy, eyes-busy environment behind the wheel, Parrot introduced today two voice-powered products for cars and motorcycles, to be released during the second quarter of 2008.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 29 Oct 2007

Facebook Integrates SpinVox Speech-to-Text Applications

Through a deal reached today, Facebook will incorporate SpinVox's speech-to-text (STT) applications into its network, allowing users to update their status, write on comment boards, send messages to other users, and post blog-like ‘note' entries to their profiles.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 25 Oct 2007

Nuance Stakes Its Place in Mobility

Nuance unfolded its mobile roadmap during the company's Conversations users' conference yesterday in Boca Raton, Fla.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 24 Oct 2007

Nuance to Acquire Viecore

Transaction is expected to broaden Nuance's services capabilities in financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, utilities and government
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 23 Oct 2007

Speech to Be the Catalyst for Mobile Web Innovation

BOCA RATON, Fla. — Citing statistics of mobile Web adoption rates, Vlad Sejnoha, chief scientist at Nuance Communications, presented a case, or challenge, for the rapid, cutting-edge development of speech-enabled applications for mobile services.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 23 Oct 2007

SoundBite Bites Back

The initial public offering for on-demand voice messaging provider SoundBite Communications continues to be delayed due to accusations of patent infringement.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 23 Oct 2007

Voice Connects Consumers to Networks

Boca Raton, Fla. — In the opening keynote of Nuance's Conversations convention here, James Canton, noted futurist and head of The Institute for Global Futures, emphasized that the convergence of various networks and technologies will power and ultimately determine the future of business enterprise. And tools, such as voice, that enable platform interactivity will be crucial.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 22 Oct 2007

Speech Technologies Take to the Skies in Newest Fighter Jet

When the U.S. Air Force rolls out its newest fighter jet, the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter, pilots will be talking to it instead of physically manipulating controls and display panels in the cockpit.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 19 Oct 2007

TTS Solution Fully Integrated with iPod and iPhone

The push for including speech applications in the iPhone and iPod won a small victory today.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 18 Oct 2007

Opus Report Notes Upswing In Voice Biometrics

A recent report from Opus Research released Monday indicates strong growth in the voice biometrics field, while acknowledging the impact the advent of unified communications (UC) might have on the security infrastructure.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 17 Oct 2007

Hexia Releases Iceland's First Mobile Text-to-Speech Application

Though its population tops slightly more than 300,000, Iceland's tech-saavy citizens have made for a country willing to adopt cutting-edge technologies at rates similar to the rest of Europe. And this month, Icelandic speech company Hexia launched the country's first text-to-speech (TTS) application for mobile phones. Called Ragga, the self-service application delivers synthesized speech to a user's mobile device.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 16 Oct 2007

Using Speech to Save Lives and Money

Locution today released a new version of its CADVoice 911 Automated Dispatching Software, a software solution that uses speech technology to enable a swifter response time from fire fighters and paramedics.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 15 Oct 2007

Northern Ireland Electricity Powers Customer Service with Voice

The arrival of competition in the energy market drove Northern Ireland Electicity (NIE) Supply, a power utility serving 758,000 home and business customers in Northern Ireland, to implement a speech-enabled customer self-service application recently.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 12 Oct 2007

Speech Helps Virtual Bar-Goers Meet the Girl of Their Dreams

Fubar has helped more than 1 million people meet friends or flirt while they wear sweatpants. Now, Jangl is using speech technologies to help them get to the next level: grabbing a new friend's or love interest's phone number or leave them a voicemail.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 11 Oct 2007