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Speech Technology Without Speech Recognition

When faculty and graduate students at the University of Washington developed the Vocal Joystick, they envisioned a simple device to help individuals without the use of hands or arms to browse the Web, control a screen, or play a video game. Earlier today, the university announced that it has adopted the system to interface with a robotic arm—an aspect of Vocal Joystick it started working on this year.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 10 Oct 2007

Nuance Expands Medical Transcription Services

Nuance Communications today announced an expansion of its Enterprise Express Speech System, the company's speech-assisted transcription service, using Dragon speech-to-text capabilities, coupled with technology from Dictaphone.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 09 Oct 2007

Dialogic Adds to IVR Platform with EAS Acquisition

Dialogic announced today its acquisition of all outstanding shares of EAS Group. In so doing, the company acquired EAS subsidiaries Cantata Technoogy, Excel Switching, Brooktrout Technology, and SnowShore Networks.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 08 Oct 2007

Speech Takes the Pain out of Jury Duty

Jury Systems, a provider of jury management systems for courts around the country, added interactive voice response (IVR) capabilities to its JURY+ Next Generation suite of products. Jury Systems is branding the IVR product as the Jury+ Voice solution.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 05 Oct 2007

U.K. Contact Centers Spend Too Much on Agent Verification

A new report from ContactBabel has found that U.K. contact center costs for agents to verify customer information have reached $1.8 billion, when voice biometrics could save a significant portion of that money.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 04 Oct 2007

Nuance Acquires Speech-Enabled Medical Imaging Company

Nuance Communications announced earlier today its acquisition of Commissure, a medical imaging software company that uses speech technology to optimize and streamline radiology workflow, for an undisclosed amount. This transaction extends Nuance's capabilities in its Dictaphone solutions for medical imaging as well as its expertise in the radiology market.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 03 Oct 2007

Cisco Buys Another Piece of the Contact Center Puzzle

The networking giant's acquisition of Latigent, a provider of contact center business intelligence software, extends the reach of its Customer Contact Business Unit.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 03 Oct 2007

Dublin Airport Gives Flight Information a Voice

Dublin Airport Authority announced today that it recently implemented a fully automated, speech-based flight information system to reduce contact center overload.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 02 Oct 2007

Nuance Names Wes Hayden to Head New Enterprise Division

Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories CEO Wes Hayden joined Nuance Communications Oct. 1 as president of the company's new Enterprise Division. In this new position, Hayden will be responsible for managing strategy operations, marketing, professional services, and engineering for Nuance's enterprise products and solutions.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 01 Oct 2007

Flight Simulators Get a Voice

Voice analysis technologies provider Nemesysco will provide its layered voice analysis (LVA) technologies to BVR Systems, a provider of training and simulation solutions, for use in its virtual flight simulators for the military.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 28 Sep 2007

Datamonitor Report Finds Growth of Home-Based Contact Center Agents

In a report published today, market analysis firm Datamonitor found 47,000 customer service agents work from home worldwide, and expects this number to rise to almost 224,000 (a 36.4 percent increase) by 2012.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 27 Sep 2007

Nuance Powers Turkish Airline Applications

As further indication of how speech technologies in general, and interactive voice response (IVR) systems in particular, are becoming ubiquitous, Pegasus this week became the first Turkish airline to adopt a speech application for handling flight information calls.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 26 Sep 2007

Coveo Wins Patent for Search Technology

Coveo announced today that its audio/video, speech recognition-powered search technology received a patent. Part of the company's Coveo Audio-Video Search (CAVS) technology, the Coveo speech recognition application differentiates from others because it can both cater to a specific industry's jargon and modify its dictionary as needed.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 25 Sep 2007

speech@microsoft Activates Blog

To better consolidate information related to speech capabilities within the Microsoft Vista operating system, the developers responsible for incorporating speech into Windows Vista have launched a blog.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 24 Sep 2007

VoiceVerified Expands Marketing Effort

Under a co-marketing agreement reached yesterday, ICT Group, a provider of customer management and business process outsourcing solutions, will begin offering voice biometrics solutions from VoiceVerified to its customers.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 21 Sep 2007

GPS System with TTS Capabilities Enters Chinese Market

GPS provider Magellan announced yesterday that it would market three of its leading speech-enabled products in China, a country where entering text can be difficult because of the large number of unique characters in its alphabet.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 20 Sep 2007

Nuance Installs NLP System for Nordic Telco

Nordic telecommunications company Telenor replaced its directed dialogue IVR with the Call Steering application from Nuance Communications. The application runs on the Dolphin HotVoice platform, integrated with the Nuance speech engine.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 19 Sep 2007

Sensory and CSR Team to Offer Speech-Powered Bluetooth Chip

Known for making embedded speech recognition chips and software, Sensory expanded its offerings today with the announcement that it will provide chips for wireless Bluetooth headsets manufactured by CSR.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 18 Sep 2007

Microsoft Finds The First Client for Its Tellme Technology

Beginning today, U.S. wireless carrier Sprint-Nextel is offering customers a new Microsoft Web and local business search application using GPS and voice recognition technologies.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 18 Sep 2007

IBM's New Avatar Talks to the Deaf

An estimated 55,000 people in the United Kingdom use British Sign Language (BSL) to communicate, yet there are relatively few services and needs designed to accommodate them. With that in mind, IBM announced Friday the development of a new system, called SiSi (Say It Sign It), which automatically converts spoken text into BSL.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 17 Sep 2007

With EVA, the Office Is Just a Call Away

Excendia, a developer of speech-enabled unified communications and speech mobility solutions, recently signed a deal with IBM to include its Excendia Virtual Assistant (EVA) on IBM WebSphere Voice Server.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 14 Sep 2007

Web Site Seeks to Create an Online Speech Community

Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories and Nuance Communications announced plans today to form an online community for the entire speech technology industry. Phase one of the effort will involve launch of the Web site www.speech-community.com next month.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 13 Sep 2007

Nemesysco’s Voice Analysis Helps Detect Mental Stress

Psycholosoft, a research group affiliated with the Department of Psychology at Japan's Tsukuba University, determined that Nemesysco's Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) technology is a reliable and valid tool for detecting mental stress through speech.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 12 Sep 2007

AP to Use Speech in News Production System

TVEyes, a provider of real-time search and monitoring systems for broadcasters, will work with The Associated Press to integrate its speech-to-text technology within AP's ENPS news production system.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 12 Sep 2007

Call Genie Signs Deal for Voice-Enabled Searches

Call Genie signed a deal with R.H. Donnelley, a major phone directory and online search company, to supply its EVD product and services for Donnelley's 1-800 voice-enabled local search system.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 12 Sep 2007

EveryZing Makes Everything Searchable

EveryZing—a speech-to-text-based multimedia search and merchandising platform—announced earlier today a multitude of partnerships with Boston media firms Boston.com, 890 ESPN, boston.tv, and a variety of radio stations.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 11 Sep 2007

Voice Apps Gaining Voice in Mobile Devices

If any concerns remain about the lack of speech solutions in mobile devices, perhaps they were quelled somewhat by the release today of the initial usage statistics of the Nuance Voice Control application preloaded on the Palm Treo 775p smartphone.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 10 Sep 2007

Speech Recognition Puts Content into Context

Digitalsmiths Corp. iannounced yesterday that it had successfully demoed VideoSense, the first fully automated contextual video ad targeting solution that uses speech recognition and works on traditional broadcast, broadband, and mobile applications.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 06 Sep 2007

SER Adds Gryphon Networks Do-Not-Call Solution to Call Center

SER Solutions, a Virginia-based call management and speech analytics provider, is integrating Gryphon Networks' Contact Governance software to its clients. If they choose to do so, SER customers may opt for Gryphon's Guardian Interactive solution, which provides an automated do-not-call (DNC) solution for outbound contact centers.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 05 Sep 2007