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Fraunhofer IIS Demos Full HD-Voice for VoIP Apps

Solution delivers CD-like quality for improved communication.
Posted Nov 13, 2012
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Fraunhofer IIS, a provider of audio and multimedia technologies, will showcase its Full-HD Voice codec, Enhanced Low Delay AAC, which improves the communication quality of any VoIP app, at CES 2013.

Natively supported in iOS and Android, the AAC-ELD codec is now available to app developers and service providers to offer VoIP applications that run at the Full-HD Voice quality level. This delivers a same-room communication experience to the end user, according to the company.

"From mobile phones to TVs, consumers expect the highest audio quality from their entertainment experiences," said Harald Popp, head of the Multimedia Realtime Systems department at Fraunhofer IIS, in a statement. "There is no reason the expectations for VoIP communication should be any different. By providing developers direct, native access to the best codecs to deliver Full-HD Voice VoIP apps, consumers can expect the best quality possible."

Fraunhofer's Full-HD Voice technology is already widely used to provide CD-like audio quality for professional video conferencing systems, as well as consumer video telephony applications. With AAC-ELD now available in iOS and Android, this same level of professional communication quality can be readily deployed in consumer VoIP apps.

App developers can access the natively integrated AAC-ELD codec through the Fraunhofer FDK Codec Library in Android since version 4.1 and in iOS since version 4.0, as well as in OSX, allowing cross-platform deployment of Full-HD Voice.

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