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Nuance Unveils New Embedded Speech Solution

ORLANDO, Fla. - Nuance Communications launched Nuance Vocalizer for Mobile.
Posted Apr 6, 2007
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ORLANDO, Fla. - Nuance Communications launched Nuance Vocalizer for Mobile, a new text-to-speech (TTS) solution that improves the sound and quality of automated speech on mobile handsets.

Nuance Vocalizer for Mobile produces speech output to support hands-free, eyes-free user interaction with mobile devices. Applications for the technology range from SMS or email readout to spoken caller ID or verbal turn-by-turn directions for phone-based navigation applications, or screen readers for the blind and the animation of avatars. Nuance Vocalizer for Mobile is a TTS system that can speak out any text within a mobile application.

Parameters of the Nuance Vocalizer for Mobile voices can be adjusted. This flexibility for changing speaking rate, pitch, and voice characteristics gives end-users the option to create their own voices.

Applications powered by Nuance Vocalizer and running on a suite of Nokia devices will be launched in May 2007. The new TTS technology is available in eight voices for four different languages, and will be available in 35 voices for a total of 24 languages before the end of the year.


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