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Qumu Adds Speech Search to Its Video Platform

The solution lets companies search for specific words and phrases within videos.
Posted Jan 14, 2013
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Qumu, a provider of business video platforms, has added voice-based search capabilities to its Video Control Center product. Users can now search for spoken words within a video or series of videos from any computer or mobile device.

With the Qumu Video Platform, businesses can manage, organize, and securely distribute live and on-demand video to each desktop and every mobile viewer.  Speech Search indexes the audio sounds made within all videos and allows any word or phrase to be searched. Approval workflow rules can search for certain spoken words automatically, and multichannel searching within the video portal allows both speech and text to be searched simultaneously.

A Qumu customer survey found that 70 percent of executives say most of the business knowledge they rely on at work is spoken in meetings and online, rather than written down. Vern Hanzik, executive vice president and general manager of Qumu, says the new speech search capability will enhance businesses' ability to find and share that knowledge across their enterprises. 

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