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Utopy Debuts Contact Center WFO Suite

Analytics-powered WFO apps arm contact centers with interaction intelligence.
Posted Nov 6, 2012
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UTOPY has announced the release of its complete Contact Center Workforce Optimization suite powered by its Customer Interaction Analytics.

The analytics-powered WFO applications arm contact centers with interaction intelligence, enabling precise agent performance assessment and targeted training and coaching, leading to more personalized and attentive customer service, according to the company.

The suite automatically monitors and analyzes all customer interactions. This includes the capture and analysis of speech, agent screens, emails, chats, and customer feedback from more than 1 million sources of social media.

The WFO suite is comprised of the following integrated applications:

  • Speech Capture call recording software captures spoken conversations.
  • Screen Capture captures an agent's screen during an interaction, and can also capture emails and chat sessions.
  • UTOPY SpeechMiner leverages customer interactions via multiple channels including calls, emails, and chat sessions, as well as direct customer feedback via social media sources, and analyzes each interaction or source of feedback for critical business topics and events, as well as customer sentiment.
  • Screen Analytics extracts any data entered into third-party applications, right from the on-screen applications the agent uses.
  • Intelligent coaching facilitates training and coaching, enabling the scheduling, delivery, and tracking of training and coaching sessions to drive agent performance.
  • Intelligent QM delivers targeted interactions for monitoring.
  • Workforce Management empowers the contact center with live visibility into agent scheduling, forecasting, reporting, and more.
  • Customer surveys help garner direct feedback from customers.

Each application is powered by interaction analytics data, which is collected and processed by the UTOPY SpeechMiner Customer Interaction Analytics Platform.

"Contact center workforce optimization has long been driven by raw data collected primarily from the ACD switch and manual quality monitoring processes, which only provide a small window into agent performance," said Roy Twersky, UTOPY CEO, in a statement, who added that the new suite will "significantly enhance agent performance, scheduling, and customer service."

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