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Ydilo Launches Voice-Based Debt Collection Management System

The system allows for voice-based management of pending debts and payments.
Posted Feb 24, 2009
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Ydilo, a provider of voice-based systems for contact and managed service centers, today announced the launch of an automatic voice-based system for the management of debt collection and payments.  The system allows companies to notify customers of pending debts easily and lets customers pay debts efficiently over the phone. 

The so-called YADMS solution enables both proactive and reactive debt notification as well as real-time management of pending payments. Using advanced natural language recognition as well as integration with corporate systems and billing gateways through this new channel, creditor companies can offer customers a new tool for communicating and managing pending payments quickly and easily. The system also allows integration with any other existing system for data retrieval and customer interaction.

This new system is compatible with any CRM strategy, with Ydilo taking control of all tasks concerning hosting, maintenance and management of the technological infrastructure. The hosted technology model allows companies to focus solely on customer management.

The benefits associated with implementing YADMS include a significant reduction in costs associated with debt management and freeing up human agents for other tasks. Additionally, outsourcing debt collection management with YADMS allows companies to concentrate on analyzing and monitoring results and implementing associated strategies for customer management.

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