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ABC-CLIO Adds TTS, Translation Services

Video learning modules, text-to-speech and translation capabilities provide educators new approaches to teaching historical concepts and critical thinking.
Posted Feb 10, 2015
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ABC-CLIO Solutions, a provider of digital curriculum resources for history and humanities, has released text-to-speech functionality and a translation tool to enhance its growing library of history instruction resources.

The text-to-speech feature meets the diverse learning needs of students by reading aloud text from any of the solutions and using closed captioning. Texts can also be translated and read in Spanish, French, and Chinese. These tools enable English language learners, as well as students with special needs, to engage with the complex historical texts and concepts.

"Our unparalleled history expertise continues to grow with the addition of these new multimedia assets for ABC-CLIO Solutions," said Becky Snyder, ABC-CLIO's president, in a statement. "Our knowledgeable teams of historians, editors, educators, designers, and engineers have developed resources that make history come alive through engaging videos and creative lessons that utilize the latest technology to meet the learning needs of teachers and students."

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