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Agnitio Revamps Forensic Speaker Verification System

New algorithms allow for more accurate calculations.
Posted Jul 9, 2013
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Agnitio has released Batvox 4.0, the newest version of its forensic speaker verification system, which now incorporates Agnitio's 4G advanced voice biometrics technology, improving security, universal flexibility, and ease of use. 

Security of the system is improved with the higher accuracy of Agnitio's 4G technology, as new algorithms allow for more accurate calculations of likelihood ratios involved in speaker verification. Universal functionality of the system is expanded with improved flexibility of the technology, evidenced by a lower case rejection rate due to less restrictive reference materials requirements. Additionally, the 4.0 system version is more natural and easy to use, as calculations are now several times faster.

"At the National Center for Media Forensics, we have been effectively utilizing Agnitio Batvox systems for several years, and have successfully completed a number of forensic cases using the system,” said Catalin Grigoras, director, National Center for Media Forensics, University of Colorado Denver, in a statement. “We have now tested the 4.0 version of Agnitio Batvox and are able to obtain accurate results much faster, as well as apply the system to an even broader set of cases."

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