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Babel-Infovox Releases Latest TTS Multilingual Software

Babel-Infovox announced the release and availability of its latest Text-to-Speech(TTS) multi-lingual software, Infovox Desktop, a replacement for the Infovox 330.
Posted Oct 1, 2002
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Babel-Infovox, a developer of speech processing technologies, announced the release and availability of its latest Text-to-Speech (TTS) multi-lingual software, Infovox Desktop, a replacement for the Infovox 330.

Infovox Desktop is a diphone based text-to-speech engine that has been developed with a library of pre-recorded human speech diphones. The Windows-based solution offers application opportunities for software developers wishing to use synthetic speech as an information carrier and those integrating synthetic speech into their products or services.

Features include: a new KeySpeaker application, which can spell and read aloud as the user types in any Windows application; a new graphical equalizer enables the user to adjust the acoustical features of each voice as they wish; an improved voice manager that enables users to create new voices with specific voice or equalizer settings and user lexicon association. There are also improved help files for the Infovox Engine and applications, as well as an improved install/uninstall program. Infovox Desktop offers full control of voice parameters such as volume, pitch and intonation, and it also has a variable reading speed. Users can even change the pronunciation of any word. Furthermore, text can be read sentence-by-sentence, or spelled out, character-by-character.

Vincent Fontaine, CEO of Babel comments: "This latest development of Infovox Desktop addresses the needs and requirements of the product's market. Babel-Infovox has added new features to the existing feature-set to make Infovox Desktop an even more attractive proposition for integrators and end-users alike."

Fontaine added: "We have already had extremely positive feedback from our market test trials and Babel-Infovox is now focussing development efforts to swiftly expand upon the 12 languages we support today." I

nfovox Desktop is currently available in U.K. and U.S. English,  German, Swedish, Norwegian, French, Dutch, Icelandic, Finnish, Danish, Spanish and Italian. Babel-Infovox plans to support 18 languages by the end of the first quarter of 2003. Babel-Infovox Desktop supports Windows 9x, ME. Windows NT, 2000, or XP and requires a PC with a Pentium processor or above. The software needs at least 4Mb of hard disk space for the TTS engine and 15-25 Mb hard disk space for each language installed. It also requires a Windows-compatible 16-bit sound card.

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