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Bank Leumi and PerSay Roll Out eBanking Password Reset Service

PerSay's VocalPassword provides secure and convenient access to Web transactions via voice biometrics.
Posted Dec 17, 2009
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PerSay announced the world’s first eBanking Web site that relies on voice biometrics for resetting customers’ passwords.

The company says the deployment marks a new era in the utilization of voice biometrics technology by financial services.

While current authentication processes mostly rely on information provided by customers that can be easily stolen, guessed, or retrieved, the new process combines biometrics as an additional factor, delivering higher security, which is in-line with emerging financial regulations.

The use of voice biometrics provides an effective risk management tool and eliminates the need to give away personal information over the phone.

Ariel Freidenberg, EVP of global sales and business development at PerSay said: "The ‘color of my cat’ and ‘my wife’s maiden name’ are questions that belong to the past. Looking forward, we see more and more financial institutions and other service providers, adopting voice biometrics as an essential element in their security and risk management procedures. We expect regulation to drive multi-factor authentication for Web, phone, and mobile transactions and believe voice biometrics is the optimal authentication factor answering this need."

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