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CallMiner Updates EurekaLive

Expanded real-time product uses proven speech analytics platform to improve call center performance and compliance.
Posted Jul 16, 2013
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CallMiner has expanded its EurekaLive real-time performance monitoring platform with advanced direct agent feedback and context-driven workflow capabilities.

EurekaLive uses contextual language patterning to analyze every word spoken in live conversation and guides agents to better call outcomes.

Key features in EurekaLive Agent Assistant include the following:

  • Contextual language patterning instead of word spots;
  • Virtually unlimited vocabulary;
  • Agitation and over-talk monitoring for immediate call sentiment feedback; and
  • Time-based or event-driven script reminders for next-best-action guidance.

"CallMiner has taken a unique approach to provide automated call analysis in real-time, and the market response from both new and existing customers has been incredible," said Jeff Gallino, chief technology officer at CallMiner, in a statement. "Our ten-plus years of experience delivering speech analytics solutions to contact centers has helped us create a highly effective, usable, and useful product."

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