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Chrysalis Joins Avaya DevConnect Program

Network of companies creates, IP-enabled enified communications applications that extend the value of multivendor networks.
Posted Dec 4, 2008
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Chrysalis Software, a provider of contact center professional services and products,  has been selected by Avaya for membership in the Avaya DevConnect program.

Chrysalis Software provides prepackaged and custom developed software applications for the Avaya Voice Portal Platform.
The Avaya DevConnect program promotes the development, compliance-testing, and co-marketing of innovative third-party products that are compatible with standards-based Avaya solutions. Member organizations have expertise in a broad range of technologies, including IP telephony, contact centers, and mobility applications and have created a broad array of solutions, including natural language speech recognition applications, wireless services, specialized computer telephony integration and reporting capabilities, and applications tailored for specific vertical industries.
Through the DevConnect program, Avaya provides a number of tools and capabilities to member companies. One example is Application Enablement Services (AES)—a set of application programming interfaces, protocols, and Web services that make it easier for developers to create Avaya-compatible networks, devices, and applications. 
As a member of the DevConnect program, companies have access to a wide range of support from Avaya, including technical resources and training. Three levels of membership—Registered, Gold and Platinum—provide progressive levels of marketing and sales involvement. Free Registered membership is available to anyone interested in designing Avaya-compatible solutions. Gold-level members and Platinum members must meet rigorous Avaya criteria for customer satisfaction, product support, business operations, marketing, and sales. Chrysalis Software is a Gold-level member of the Avaya DevConnect program.
“Membership in Avaya’s developer community will help us build our business by serving customers more efficiently and effectively,” said Debbie Diersch, CEO of Chrysalis Software. “Building on Avaya resources and working more closely with the company to deliver compliance-tested solutions to the market, we are able to reduce complexity, improve reliability, and speed time to deployment so businesses can quickly realize a benefit to their bottom line.” 
“Development partners like Chrysalis Software are helping Avaya dramatically expand the options available to its customers,” said Eric Rossman, vice president of developer relations and technical alliances at Avaya. “We’re able to provide the tools businesses need to change the way they work and to establish a true competitive advantage in the marketplace.  They are able to use unified communications applications to make critical information readily available to both employees and customers, regardless of where they are or how they choose to communicate.”

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