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Cooey Rolls Out MyCooey Voice Assistant for Caregivers

MyCooey is a voice-based point-of-care solution for remote healthcare monitoring.
Posted May 16, 2017
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Cooey has introduced the MyCooey point-of-care solution for remote healthcare monitoring. Included in the offering is the smart voice assistant Maya, which simplifies routine health monitoring tasks with simple voice commands, and an Amazon Alexa skill for bed-side assistance.

"Our end-to-end health monitoring mobile platform covers requirements of assisted living, in-home care, remote monitoring, long-term care, and interfaces with EMR/EHR, billing systems and medical devices," said Manu Madhusudanan, co-founder and CEO of Cooey, in a statement.

A rules engine allows users to customize care plans, trigger events, provide lifestyle advice, monitor health. set goals, and receive real-time actionable data, all using machine learning and cognitive systems.

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