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Cyberon Releases Hands-Free Phone App

Voice Speed Dial lets Android users make phone calls by speaking a name
Posted Apr 8, 2011
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Speech solutions provider Cyberon has launched a new mobile application, Cyberon Voice Speed Dial, that lets users make phone calls simply by speaking the name of the intended recipient. The application quickly dials the phone number, eliminating the need to hunt through an address book or remember a phone number.

"Cyberon Voice Speed Dial makes it easy to place calls without having to look up a phone number or even dial," said Cindy Chen from Cyberon's Marketing Department. "People tell us it is so convenient they use it for all their phone calls, even when their hands are free."

Cyberon Voice Speed Dial also connects with a user's Bluetooth headset (for Android 2.2 or above) to make calling safer when driving.

To access the service, users  create voice tags for each person in their address books. This voice tag also allows the application to recognize virtually any voice regardless of the language the user speaks. The display can be changed to any of 20 languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Chinese.

Cyberon Voice Speed Dial is now available worldwide for $2.99 through the Android Market. The application is compatible with Android-powered mobile phones version 1.6 or above.

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