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DENSO Adopts NeoSpeech Software for Vehicle Navigation System

TTS technology will be used in Toyota vehicles.
Posted Dec 21, 2012
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Text-to-speech solution provider NeoSpeech announced today that its VoiceText speech engine will be embedded in the ARPEGGIO car navigation information system from DENSO Corp., and will be be used in Toyota vehicles.

ARPEGGiO is a smartphone-based information system that uses the onboard navigation screen to display and operate smartphone applications. Using ARPEGGiO, drivers can read emails and news articles in NeoSpeech speech synthesis voices via TTS.

To use DENSO's new navigation information solution with TTS, users will need an ARPEGGIO-enabled car navigation system and the respective DENSO ARPEGGiO app on their smartphone. The smartphone and car navigation system will automatically communicate with each other through a Bluetooth connection and display a list of smartphone applications available through ARPEGGIO onto the car navigation display.

DENSO ARPEGGIO is slated for release in Japan in 2013.

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