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Fluency Voice Technology Acquires SRC Telecom

LONDON - Fluency announced the acquisition of SRC Telecom from Voice Recognition Holdings. SRC Telecom will continue to operate under the name SRC Dictation Solutions.
Posted Jul 1, 2004
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/>LONDON - Fluency Voice Technology Ltd announces the acquisition of SRC Telecom, the hosted speech recognition provider, from Voice Recognition Holdings.


Speech recognition allows callers to perform simple tasks like ordering a brochure or finding out a bank account balance by speaking naturally via the telephone.  Fluency has a range of customers including Powergen, National Express, Energis, Royal Mail, Barclaycard, Woolwich and JD Williams.


The acquisition will allow Fluency to offer hosted service provision in addition to in-network and premises-based solutions.  It will therefore expand Fluency's market potential as well as encouraging the take-up of speech self-service more broadly.  Fluency recently raised its first round of venture capital funding and, prior to that, completed the acquisition of Vocalis.


SRC Telecom has a customer base including the BBC's Freeview and Lloyds TSB.  SRC Telecom was a division of Voice Recognition Holdings (VRH), which will continue to own and operate its digital dictation and desktop speech recognition business under the name SRC Dictation Solutions.

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