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Fortemedia Releases Low-Power, Keyword Spotting Voice Trigger and Control IC

iM401D is a mini digital signal processor for voice trigger and command processing.
Posted Dec 11, 2014
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Fortemedia announced the production availability of its iM401D low-power, keyword spotting voice trigger and control IC. The iM401D is a mini digital signal processor designed for voice trigger and voice command processing. The iM401D is a purpose-built, all-digital product that supports digital microphone input. Not only is the iM401D built to support voice trigger and key phrase detection, but also one shot command recognition with third-party algorithms.

The iM401D provides an extremely low-power solution for always-on device voice control applications. With its low-power operating modes, the iM401D also enables voice control to be provided on virtually any consumer electronics device.

The iM401D occupies a  small footprint, which means that it can be incorporated into any consumer electronics product, ranging from tablets and smartphones to small wearable devices.

"We are excited to bring this low-power voice input processing product to the market," said Paul Huang, CEO and chairman of Fortemedia, in a statement. "We believe that the iM401D will enable voice control on a wide variety of new products and make wearable devices easier to use and operate."

Presently, the iM401D is available with Sensory's TrulyHandsfree Voice Control product that supports the following features:

  • A pre-defined key word trigger with optional speaker verification threshold (SVT);
  • A user-defined key word trigger with SVT;
  • Pre-defined command phrase recognition; and
  • Support for multiple languages. Proprietary and pre-defined key phrases can be developed in conjunction with Sensory.

"Sensory is focused on working closely with industry-leading companies like Fortemedia to deliver the highest performance, ultra-low power, must-have speech solutions to our mutual customers," said Sensory CEO Todd Mozer in a statement. "The iM401D and TrulyHandsfree Voice Control are an excellent example of the value these partnerships create."

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