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HigherGround Adds Speech Analytics and Mobile Recording to Capture911

CallMiner's technology underpins additions to the Capture911 call recording solution.
Posted Jun 26, 2015
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HigherGround has added speech analytics and mobile recording features to its Capture911 call recording solution to improve intelligent recording and incident reconstruction in emergency dispatch facilities.

Powered by CallMiner Eureka technology, speech analytics converts recorded interactions into text. TopicMiner indexes 100 percent of captured interactions to identify trends, and categorizes meaningful phrases into word clouds or topic lists. T

Mobile Recording provides a mobile app to record the inbound and outbound calls made on mobile devices, as well as associated metadata. With quick remote uploads, interactions integrate directly into the HigherGround interface so users can view, replay, and analyze mobile calls.

"HigherGround continues to develop new leading-edge features for our recording solutions based on customer feedback and industry trends," said company president and CEO Terry Ryan in a statement. "Our fully scalable products and open architecture allow our customers to create a truly customized call recording solution that can expand as their [public safety answering point] requirements do."

Earlier this month, the company also added speech analytics and mobile recording to its Calibre solution.

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