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Loquendo Offers New Danish Voice

Frida is the latest of Loquendo's voices for TTS applications.
Posted Nov 19, 2008
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Loquendo today released  Loquendo TTS in the Danish language with the voice of Frida, the female Danish voice.

With Loquendo TTS now in Danish, Finnish, and Swedish, the company is very strongly positioned in the Scandinavian markets.

Loquendo TTS synthetic speech comes with an emotional range and a variety of features and tools for telephony, multimedia, or embedded applications.

Loquendo TTS is currently available in 26 languages with 61 voices: U.S. and U.K. English, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Russian, German, Dutch, French, Canadian French, American Spanish, Mexican, Chilean and Argentinian Spanish, Castilian, Catalan, Valencian, Galician, Brazilian, Portuguese, Italian, Esperanto, Greek, Turkish, Polish and Mandarin Chinese - in both male and female voices, with more languages and voices always under development.

Hear Frida for yourself, or meet the full Loquendo TTS family.

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