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Mutare Can Convert Avaya CallPilot Applications

Avaya CallPilot's VBK files can be converted to .wav or MP3 files.
Posted Apr 16, 2012
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Mutare can now convert VBK files (the proprietary Voice Block Audio Encoding file format used by the Avaya CallPilot voicemail system to record voice messages) into .wav and MP3 files. This will enable a host of new capabilities for CallPilot customers and allows Mutare to offer voicemail to email, message migration, back-up, and archive solutions without the need for desktop conversion clients.

The following Mutare Applications work with CallPilot 4.0 or higher with desktop messaging licenses:

  • EVM Plus giSTT, which supports voicemail-to-email, IM, SMS and CRM systems with hyperlink controls and no need to install a desktop client. Full VBK conversion support for CallPilot systems is included at no additional charge.
  • Voice Message Migration: Services can now move CallPilot messages, with the exception of greetings, passwords, and recorded names, to Avaya Aura Messaging, Avaya Modular Messaging, and Avaya Communication Manager Messaging systems. This provides a migration path for Avaya customers looking to take advantage of next-generation voicemail capabilities.
  • Message Archive: Converted VBK files can be archived using Mutare's Message Archive application. When combined with giSTT transcriptions, archived files can be readily indexed and searched for faster location and retrieval of relevant documents in a discovery proceeding.
  • Message Rescue, which mirrors converted recordings for disaster recovery to a LAN or SAN. There is now access to stored converted messages via Web browser if CallPilot becomes unavailable.

"We are very excited to release the Mutare VBK converter integration for CallPilot," said Roger Northrop, director of business development at Mutare, in a statement. "CallPilot users can now take advantage of the No Client approach that EVM Plus is known for with the ability to now control all of their voice messages with any email client. This is fantastic for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows 7 phone users since they now have total freedom to handle messages efficiently and quickly. Once you enable Mutare's giSTT speech-to-text, users realize the new life and power that Mutare has breathed into CallPilot."

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