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NICE Integrates VoIP Recording with AudioCodes SBCs

The NICE and AudioCodes partnership promotes SIPREC as a standard protocol and ensures reliable, flexible and scalable recording of VoIP calls.
Posted Dec 16, 2015
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NICE Systems and AudioCodes have integrated AudioCodes' Mediant VoIP solutions with NICE's Engage Platform, enabling customers to meet their recording needs while leveraging their existing AudioCodes session border controllers (SBC) and media gateways.

The NICE Engage Platform offers call recording in any Voice over IP environment. The partnership with AudioCodes, a provider of converged voice solutions, enables end users to maintain call security while using call recording software with a standard Session Initiation Protocol Recording (SIPREC) practice.

The AudioCodes-NICE collaboration enables customers, such as contact centers and emergency agencies, to simplify their recording solution by leveraging the existing AudioCodes Mediant product line to fork real-time media sessions to the NICE Engage platform without deploying additional recording tools.

"The successful integration with NICE Engage ensures reliable, flexible and scalable recording of VoIP calls handled by AudioCodes devices, delivering great value for customers of both companies," said Yehuda Herscovici, vice president of product at AudioCodes, in a statement. "By partnering with NICE, we are confident that we can provide our customers with the industry's best-of-breed VoIP call recording capabilities."

"NICE is committed to providing its customers with quality software solutions that enable greater flexibility to choose the accompanying hardware to best suit their needs. Our partnership with AudioCodes is a testament to this endeavor," said Hila Lamm, vice president of the multichannel recording business line at NICE Systems, in a statement. "By teaming up with AudioCodes, a leading SBC vendor, we are able to strengthen our offering to the market and extend our client base. This also reinforces our leadership in supporting and promoting SIPREC as the standard recording protocol."

The joint offering builds on NICE's cross-channel interaction recording capabilities, which include voice, video, and screen capture, and on AudioCodes' advanced media gateways and SBC products and technologies. The solution also enables customers to migrate gradually from their legacy time-division multiplexing (TDM) equipment to a fully IP-based environment while using the same AudioCodes products and NICE SIP-based recording infrastructure.

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