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Nebraska Medicine Deploys Nuance for Dictation

Nebraska Medical is rolling out Nuance Drago Medical One, PowerMic Mobile, and Dragon Medical Advisor across its facilities.
Posted Sep 15, 2016
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Nebraska Medicine is implementing Nuance Communications' Dragon Medical One as its cloud-based clinical speech recognition platform. Dragon Medical One provides voice recognition that seamlessly integrates with Nebraska Medicine’s Epic EHR and efficiently supports a large number of users on both Windows and Mac platforms through a virtualized deployment.

Combining Epic's tools for structured information with Nuance technology allows Nebraska Medicine's physicians to use their voices to tell the patient's complete patient story.

"We not only wanted to positively impact usability and physician satisfaction, but we also wanted to give them the tools to provide even higher levels of patient care," said Brian Lancaster, executive director of information management at Nebraska Medicine, in a statement. "The Nuance solutions represent a natural evolution of what we want our documentation to become, moving away from simply recording what happened with a patient to helping guide physicians on what should happen next in terms of delivering patient care. The best time to inform these thought processes is right at the time of documentation, and these Nuance solutions help us achieve this goal."

As part of the rollout, Nebraska Medicine also deployed Nuance PowerMic Mobile to allow physicians to dictate into Dragon Medical using their smartphones. Nebraska Medicine is also deploying Dragon Medical Advisor, which analyzes physician notes in real time as they document, automatically providing advice to improve compliance, quality and completeness of clinical notes.

"We are confident that our cloud-based clinical speech recognition and computer-assisted physician documentation (CAPD) solutions will continue to help Nebraska Medicine and many other clients achieve their objectives of improving documentation quality and physician satisfaction together," said Peter Mahoney, senior vice president and general manager of Dragon at Nuance, in a statement. "Nuance technology has already been proven to increase provider satisfaction, productivity, and financial outcomes, and we are now looking forward to helping Nebraska Medicine focus on improving the quality of care."

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