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Radish Systems Partners with GM Voices

The partnership adds voices to ChoiceView visual IVR.
Posted Apr 11, 2016
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Radish Systems, a software vendor that adds visuals to business calls, has partnered with GM Voices to offer professionally recorded voice prompts for telephony applications.

The partnership provides users of Radish's ChoiceView visual IVR technology an enhanced visual and voice experience with interactive voice response (IVR), virtual assistant, and other systems. Organizations can update their IVRs by adding intuitive visuals and friendly, natural-sounding voices to improve caller experience, comprehension, and follow-through.

ChoiceView Voice with Visuals improves secure communications between consumers and organizations with automated IVR and virtual assistant systems and live agents. With ChoiceView, an IVR answers a call with both a visual and a voice menu. Using any phone and any network, the caller taps a selection and sees additional selections or a fill-in form. The caller adds an account number or other identifying information, as appropriate. While explaining, the IVR sends the caller any type of visual information: receipts, photos, graphics, FAQs, X-rays, surveys, short videos, confirmations, prescriptions, tickets, and text. The caller responds by speaking or tapping selections, and can save information such as receipts, tickets, or instructions .

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