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SourceNext Launches iGotcha Voicemail Transcription

The iGotcha mobile app delivers instant voicemail transcripts in 11 languages across text, email, Facebook Messenger, or push notifications.
Posted Jan 6, 2017
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SourceNext, a Japanese software publisher and distributor, today launched the iGotcha mobile voicemail assistant that allows access to voicemail without carrier service. iGotcha transcribes voicemail in 11 languages and delivers it instantly via SMS, email, Facebook Messenger, or push notification. iGotcha is available now for iOS and Android.

iGotcha currently supports transcription for U.S. and Indian English, Mexican and European Spanish, Mandarine and Cantonese Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Canadian French, and German.

"Voicemail is a critical communication channel in business, but it's limited and ill-suited for today's globalized workforce that's always on the go, and often outside of the reach of their mobile carrier service," said Noriyuki Matsuda, CEO and founder of SourceNext, in a statement. "iGotcha was born out of real pain points we have faced as an organization, and personally, working with partners around the globe. That's exactly who iGotcha was designed for, so they can keep up with their voicemail at the speed of business, without disruption of stopping to listen to voice messages."

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